1. KidSsj

    Add a patch for bots before realese.

    can anyone make a patch for ESF 1.3 about bots to work in the game?because there are too many players that want to play with bots and i saw their posts about that so please if anyone have a file that makes bots work or can make one please add this file or folder's link download here...
  2. Boogyman93

    WoW patch 4.0.0 (5.59 GB) ☼_☼

    I'm installing it for about half an hour now and it's only at 50%. I have no idea what this patch is. Could this be Cataclysm Beta? EDIT:
  3. M

    Help Patch for CS 1.6

    who can give me a Patch for win7, for CS 1.6 oder Half life ?
  4. SG_SSJ!

    Patch for OBF?

    Well... since we are waiting for the final version ... why not make a patch for OBF wich has animations for all models, bots, fixing some bugs ...etc!
  5. M

    What Could it Mean?! Latest Portal Patch

  6. |Xiphos|

    1.3 Christmas Patch?

    Well, is there a patch from the 30.09.07 one? I'm wondering, because I can't seem to find one either on ESF-World or Filefront. I have a really slow internet so downloading 300MB would take hours. So, is it just that there is no patch or hasn't it been created yet?
  7. H

    I Can't down the new patch

    hey, i can't download the new patch (9/9/07). the link has been expired
  8. Valle93

    latest esf 1.3 beta patch

    i need the latest 1.3 beta patch can someone send me a link
  9. |Xiphos|

    esf_openbeta patch 30/04/07

    :( wasn't ther a suppozd to b a new patch release on the 30th now that its every three weeks? :scared: ive bin waiting for ever for the new release.
  10. john_volkov

    Romanian Patch

    So i am going to make a patch that makes evryting in romania all I need it's some romanian for the voices of the player contac me at yahoo id: rambo_j_v msn : rambo_j_v skype: rambo_j_v
  11. VideoJinx

    More ESF Fixes (for the new patch)

    This thread is to post ideas for improvements for 1.3's latest update.. 1) Ok the responsiveness of the hits in 1.3 are very off i think this is due to the "Turning Speeds". Let me explain =O In esf 1.2 the "angling" turning had it's limit, and they matched the speed of 1.2's swoop...
  12. M

    ESF Open Beta 1.3 Patch Released (02/04/07)

    What is ESF Open Beta? Instead of working on a single beta for several months and releasing a bit update the ESF developers have decided to release a snapshot of their work every two weeks. This means that the public gets to play what we play. The downside is that features may be unstable and...
  13. M

    ESF Open Beta 1.3 Patch Released (01/20/07)

    Taken from the main page ( Files ESF Open Beta 1.3 Patch (Half-life 2 Files Mirror) ESF Open Beta 1.3 Patch (Torrent) ESF Open Beta 1.3 Full (RedSaiyan Mirror) *Down* ESF Open Beta 1.3 Full (Torrent) *Share the wealth. Please seed after your download finishes to help...
  14. Kaination

    New wow patch

    I'm surprised this hasnt popped up yet. I kind of like the new wow patch, except the fact it totally obliterated my mods -_- The new LFG thing is pretty good. I'm a 45 rogue atm, I have no clue what to spec in :P. I'm thinking of going full subtlety. So, what's your thoughts on this?
  15. john_volkov

    ESF evolution Patch's

    so I was thinikng about making all the last trasformeation's for esf in a patch just to be esf but only whith all transformation here is some idee'as : --------------------------------------------- Evil Buu 180 speed 320 ev 3 000 000 pm 1.5x low ki drop Super Buu 200 speed 340 ev 5 000 000...
  16. C

    Wich patch to play

    Can someone plz tell me what patch i need to download from HL1 to play ESF,and in what map i have to install ESF Thank you.
  17. @

    windows xp patch?

    i recently got half life and it said "Half-Life has a known compatibility issue with this version of Windows. For an update that is compatible with this version of Windows, contact Sierra." when i tried playing halflife there is this big blank box covering up the options "single player...
  18. B

    1.2.3 patch

    What did they add in the 1.2.3 patch?
  19. J

    ESF 1.2.3 Patch

    im not sure which patch i have and i was wonder will effect my gameplay like diconnect or dropping or sumthing like that...and if i wanted to get 1.2.3 will that erase all my files i downloaded or will they be add on? sry if my ?'s is to long i will b happy to re explain it=)
  20. I

    Patch 1.2.3

    what this pach do?