1. Bryggz

    MY version of gotenks/ssj/ssj3

    hey guys i guess this is my final build for gotenks model/ssj/ssj3, all i need is to have it skinned, but before i hark for metro-tek (he said he'd do it before, cool eh?) ill take any last remarks/crude comments/constructive criticism to make it better, thx click here for updated pic...
  2. fatmanterror

    little project on a boring day

    well i was bored so i did an ssj2 goku, i reskinned the gi pants cause i never liked em much, and i know its too red, but thats because i like it that way and i dont have to be completely accurate just copy and paste the address
  3. Kman3252

    Great Saiyaman wip

    here is my great saiyaman. not done yet (details need to be added to the green part of his clothing and his pants also the bottom of his green clothing needs to be striaght). I edited the model and the skin of fatmanterrors vegetto. could someone please tell me how to make a milkshape file a...
  4. God Gundam

    Gohan from cell saga wip

    well developement of him is going smoothly, he needs a few edits, ssj gohan has slightly more hair strands than norm gohan, but all in all hes pretty much done being made, now all i got to do is apply bones and skin it, well ill update again, later, krillin is still not skinned, im just lazy...
  5. Vegito1180

    SSJ4 Vegeta

    I am working on a ssj4 vegeta skin here's (the pic quality is crapy beacuse of paint) is the link to it and i am planning to redo the chest using adobe photoshop and jasc phototshop pro.tell me what you think?(Oh This Model Isnt Mine I...
  6. G

    SSJ4 Goku, skin fix

    For all of you all that didnt like DaKD's ssj4 goku skin (including me), I have fixed the skin and made it look 100% better I think, it could still use some work but I think its a big improvement over the old one lol. I take no credit for any of the skin I just edited it.
  7. Mr. Satans

    Fatmanterror> SSJ Mystic Gohan

    Just wanted to tell ya that I edited your Mystic Gohan skin & made a SSJ Mystic Gohan. I don't wanna upload it to my webspace so contact me or have DakD contact meh & i'll send.
  8. E

    DBZ sketches

    Greetings once again. I have completed a couple more drawings recently. So I figured I'd let all of you take a look. :D First, here is the greatest evil the universe has ever known, isn't he cute? And here are a couple of young super saiyans for your viewing pleasure. If you're...
  9. B


    well, model is by esf team, just edited pants, body, face and hair abit skin is 50% mine (other is esf skin) not finished offcourse, have to add his jacket greetz
  10. God Gundam

    Trunks wip

    well heres my latest, i need crits, the thumbs i have to edit so dont worry bout that, other than that, what do you guys think , oh and let me know if i should give him a sword or not
  11. Turk

    *****s pants*

    i had the rlly old beta version the whole time (stupid me). so i dled the current version and played it for like 2 hours. GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt rlly...
  12. I

    Some new models and animations, just take a look

    hello im back with some new work, thanks turk fr the help with anotomy and the legs are just great. *lots of love and credit to turk. okay here we go. Some animations here--most of them with BFP vegeta-credit for rodney, but it is about the animation anyway: Run animations--it's my first so...
  13. M

    WIP Majin Buu

    almost finished him. hard with his head cos its wierd shape.. some pics he has a neck others he doesnt :S.
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?
  15. E

    Im Back, New Model....

    Hey, im back from my holiday, parents bought 25acres of land in turkey so my holiday turned into a business thing where they were sorting everthing out :\ anyway since ppl are doing 3000 poly models, i decided ill do em too heres my tien, still wip, dont say anything about the hands...
  16. K


    just a word of warning never say this!!! i got banned for a while and still am, and hsu i dont like you either
  17. K


    lets push HL to its limits at and looks anime it could work really good if you cry make it cel-shaded it would kinda look anime? To the Limit and another thing your the idiot
  18. I

    Trunks........the fusion is done^_^

    here is my trunks peeps....just finished head...and **** trunks!!!!!!!!!!!model!!!!!!!!
  19. S

    My Skinmaps for Brolly

    well, here are the legs (im not done with the back) ill post the chest later when i upload it to the net... anyway, metro should post his too.... it may look a little fuzzy but i had to save it in that format so it wouldnt take forever to load... also im not done with the feet.... so give...
  20. xstortionist

    Brolli beta 2.0

    Here is the brolli model i have been working on. I haven't been able to work on it much since i have baseball everyday from 2-8 so this is what I have done so far in about 2 hours combined.