1. S

    Cinder Model (W.I.P.)

    i have spent about 30 minutes on this so far, here is a pic of it, give comments on what i should do for the shirt and pants and jacket...
  2. B

    trunk dragon ball z completed

  3. xstortionist

    Young Gohan Model.

    Here is one of my newest DBZ models that I made about 3 months ago. I haven't really been making models for a while since I've been spending alot of time with my friend on our new web page, but I thought it would be cool to let some of yall look at one of my OKAY models. Here it is. young gohan
  4. A

    like my avitar?

    hey everyone.. i made a avitar all by myself!! tell me what u think oh and this is the large version since iss hard to make that one out
  5. D

    Diff Between Models And Skins

    ok, obvioulsy many of you dont know the differnece between skins and models... well, a model is the actual thing, it is the actuall shape and style. the skin is what goes on the model. like the skin, the shirt, the pants, etc.... ex: -[gF]- Super 17 said "I have a Gohan Model", when all he...
  6. Deverz

    My Pants

    erm they've seem to run away by them self they ran of down they street and i swear i wasnt on drugs or drunk and tehre wasnt anybody wearing them they just ran off and left me :cry: plz help meh