1. Ultra33Gokussj3

    young gohan - saiyan saga

    I have done a gohan from saiyan saga when he was training with piccolo , to meat the saiyans , :laff: , the model s done Heres a pic: Should i release it?:devgrin:
  2. G

    tech from dragonball ng comic

  3. Lethal_Vegetto

    I Postes about this a while ago..

    What happend to someone making a teen gohan in his Birthday unigorm. The one with the white shirt and purple pants and shoes like krillins. Please tell me if anyone will make something like this for 1.1? Thx
  4. T

    its a me mario!

    credits to j for the gloves, and special thanks to crackerjack for the head model!!! a luigi will follow very soon... j is making one 10X better so his will probably replace this one..
  5. D

    My First Skin Ever!

    UPDATEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I changed the cloves to gray I did your idea dude but when I recolored the gloves to the color of pants and looked at side it look almost invisible O_O Edit: Im takeing any suggestins that people ask.
  6. A

    Thymos Zev

    means "spirit of the wolf" one of my first attempts at drawing and colouring an origonal concept and character... please comment (he's the good guy)
  7. steve-o

    Vegeta.. needs critz

    Ok it aint finshed yet but here it so so far.. (btw this is my 3rd model in this style.. so dont blame me if it suxs) Ref pic: Pollys : 244
  8. sexyasian86

    NEW Bojacks Trunks

    hello, i'm practically done with my trunks, just need to find a rally good skinner to skin the front part of his chest. need to skin the rest of the sword strap. if u can see it. i used brollman edit of his trunks. and wh00t got this need skinner to help me with that damn strap...
  9. Logan4434

    New Buu's release

    here are my new buu model's heres the link... and credits go to azn for the torso,bryggs for the jacket,and GG for the feet... lol forgot my skinner team...MysTix for the chest(which was a change from an azn skin.thx to you both :) i...
  10. ssj999vegeta

    vegita in a jaket

    if u ever played dbz budokai for ps2 youll no wat im talkin bout, ya no wen 2 ppl choose vegeta sum1 will get vegita wearing a black jaket and pants and a red shirt, r there ne skins of that ????? if there is gime a link
  11. N

    Is there a cool trunks model out there?

    Is there a good Trunks model out there?:warning: :tired:
  12. M

    Gt Goku model

    Hey i made this skin for goku from Gt! yes i didnt make the model, its goten with new clothes :) , But this is my first time i ever do anything with models so for a noob i think its a good job:] well what do you think? the pic is here yes the site is originally a Zelda site (and a...
  13. J

    Android 17

    Im workin on an Android 17 model. All i need to finish the body is a good pic of his gun, then i'll start the head. It might get into ESF, but it might have too many polies. It's 1850 now and should be ~2200 with the head. If you have a good ref pic of his gun, plz post it! and...
  14. J


    I was in a modeling-mood and whipped up some quick pants in like 30 mins. The only problem is I dont know which character to make from the pants!!! help me decide :) I think i wanna make an android, maybe 17 or 18, or possibly someone out of dbz :p Oh and people awaiting the sonic im...
  15. T

    Android_C17 Model

    Just like to see if anyone has or can make a Android_C17 model. Maybe it could replace Trunks. Seeing how Trunks is a big meleer and Android_C17 is good at fighting without beams, And when he does you beams its not alot. Which would make him perfect for replaceing Trunks.
  16. God Gundam

    ghp tien model

    heres the tien for ghp not done yet, but im workin on it
  17. Logan4434

    improved Vegetto

    i tweaked Brollman's Vegetto to be a little more vegettoie so... comes with SSJ and cant see many of the changes in that pic.i also added some animations from Azn and the dl link:;D
  18. Chitenga

    My first skin

    if you cant see it copy and paste this: Its my first skin EVER! and for the record i didnt do the face. and its for jedi outcast and i want your critics [EDIT] 12 views and no post!?!? come on guys! [\EDit]
  19. G

    Kid Buu Skin

    I made a kid buu model about 4 days ago, I liked the model and tried to get it skinned, it was not that bad but I am looking for a better skin. I am looking for a skinner to skin this model. There are pictures at Another thing this is a completely different model than...
  20. B

    ssj5 vegeta

    ok i'm not sure if this classifies as "fan art" because i used my 3d model and used him as my main page but check it's a mid-transformation...he is going from the golden ape,back to level 4 but keeps his golden fur and red eyes...and i just used the pants cause they make him look...