1. T

    It's A Prank It's So Obvious Read On

    And here is why The copyright address is probably where they got their idea from You do not put image signatures on important documents It is possible that a member of the ESF team sent a mail to funimation to set up this prank Or they could just use photoshop Why was it posted 30...
  2. Z

    goku ssj

    here it is i put alot of efot in this and soem friends helpt me with it cous i usualy do proportions wrong ty to = fingerbonenail and kaiosin{ww}
  3. I

    freeza wip

    here's my freeza model im working on :p... its not anything yet but ima do the head and kneck then post another update *crits*
  4. P

    Zereth's Place

    Alright, A webpage I made.. I used: Photoshop/Image Ready/Notepad [Link] http://www.dragonballu.com/_notes/dont_touch/index.html (Link don't work yet. Only a test.)
  5. M


    holy crapoly First Buu ...no ****ing idea Second Buu Oct 13, 2002 New Buu Jun 04, 2003
  6. R

    Skin Edit: Bloody Majin Vegetto

    Hi all, I edited the Vegetto model from: Metro, Tek & Ned This is my first edit: *** pics removed by S-Bolt-- *** I'm waiting for the: Metro, Tek & Ned autorisation to publish it, if they refuse i will remove this... I'm just waiting your opinions... * edited by S-Bolt-- for...
  7. S

    A New Rs Vegeta Tell Me what u think

    i did this for fun today and i was woundering of what u peeps think about it should it be done or put it in the trash pic is on this link im very :tired: stayed up from 530 AM to 730 AM after being up all night i just couldnt get the model the way i liked it but heres and updated pic i...
  8. S

    Can someone make me a perfect cell model.

    PLEASE?! and could someone make a Freezer model form 4?
  9. I

    finalflashtrail.spr cant extract whit sprite wizard

    i whont extract spr files
  10. M

    AFC Model Credits

    If your model is uploaded on www.animefreak-clan.com and there is no credit please tell me what model is yours and who you are !!!!!!! Send your model credits to [email protected]
  11. Virtigo Seven

    Burning Gundam Model

    What about a Burning Gundam Model with like Gohan or Goku stats and powers?
  12. T

    Ssj 3 Dev-Journal (back online for a little while)

    Hey, Here's my journal back online for I way, I've had a lack of updates due to school-work :P (really busy atm) but today (thursday) I've had 1 spare hour so take a peek at: http://www.thapulse.tk *post any comments in this thread ;)* btw sorry for the wierd layout, but it's pure for...
  13. N

    My Art Topic

    I thought I might just post my newest creation, I will add some more crap soon once I get my lazy ass into gear.
  14. S

    form four freeza

    anyone want to skin my frieza. its the cyborg model i tried to skin its body but it suked but i did good on the head though and can anyone animate it also. this is one of my first models so it might not be very good. i got the arms and the tail from the origonal frieza and the legs from the...
  15. C

    Another wp try...

    Im sure atleast one or two people might not like this for obvious reasons...if i over stepped the bounds i apologise. Two people both said my last one was too dark so i tried to keep away from that look this time. Its a fairly basic design but i think i got the contrast between colours...
  16. Mr. Satans

    Default Maps (And Some Custom 1's)

    ESF_Island is my least favorite map on ESF (Reasons Below) -- Don't get me wrong Stryker, I respect your skills as a mapper but ESF_Island lags & isn't scaled to the models. The reason I get lag is due to my slow ass CPU speed (p2mx 350mhz! w00t -- Everything else is good 256mb ram, 46gb hd...
  17. ZuL

    ZuL Statue

    I made a statue of my comic book character, my best work ever actually. I was hoping you would like how it looks, cuz i need crits... http://www.newcelica.com/gal2/albums/EverythingELSE/statue.jpg
  18. B

    Old Vegeta update

    here see pic :)
  19. G

    My map

    http://www.teddy.cistron.nl/map/ Just started , what ya guys think so far?
  20. Wuying Ren

    Picceta Skin :D

    Hi I made a Vegeta skin. That looks like Picceta from Dragon Ball AF: Thats Picceta: Thats the Skin: I did this skin very quick. So its not the best lol