It's A Prank It's So Obvious Read On

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Nov 29, 2004
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And here is why

The copyright address is probably where they got their idea from

You do not put image signatures on important documents

It is possible that a member of the ESF team sent a mail to funimation to set up this prank

Or they could just use photoshop

Why was it posted 30 minutes later then the midnight

Why was it posted on the 1st of April

You can not sue mods because that is the property of another company

Many months ?
Funimation would have sent the mail months ago
The team Must have had the site closed ages ago

There is no profit made

There are many mistakes in the mail and it's forbidden to have them in official documents the company would be foolish if it would let a dumb guy do the writing

1. To any person not persons
2. Only dragonball z characters ? What about dragonball and the base is also copied
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Oct 27, 2004
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Nice to see people think rationally.

But was a thread really necessary for this topic?

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