1. Grega

    Member number 5 has birthday :p Happy birthday Joe :)
  2. LionHeart

    guess the number

    i was bored last night at 1 am and me and my friend did this can you guess the number? :laff:
  3. KidMan

    Jack Ass - Number 2

    Dude, this movie was awesome. I saw it on Friday and I have to say, I never laughed harder at any movie. Anyone else thought it was good?
  4. clen

    Fight number two

    I'm still not a great writer, not exactly good either, but I'm looking to hone my skills and seeing how the fightclub has picked up I'd like to try again. So who dares?
  5. vinay87

    my problem: version number is wrong (0 should be 30)

    I used to think this problem was only for shenron.mdl... now IO understand that this happens for random fils,,, all of which are either .mdl or .spr files. I run esf. Then i go to create servers then i click on start.... I waity. The game quits MOST OF THE TIME and i get this message...
  6. Q

    Steam Id number help

    please can someone tell me how to get a steam id number. i appreciate it if someone could help me.
  7. Y

    Bad node number

    Help!!!I have bad node number when i charges a attack to about full!!!Bad node number for almost every characters except goku!!!Someone help pls
  8. PiXel

    Lockjaw - the number one

    credits for the concept to: (direct link to the concept) its a Wip.... :] I am not going to do the same skin as in the concept is showing ya kno what do to (\0/)
  9. K

    attempt number 2

    this is my second model after my first model frieza went abit wrong so this time ive tried to make the moel have fewer poly's so it is easier. so far it is 183.Crits wanted and i will be updating as the model gets more completed.
  10. B

    Where to find the 'application number' of ps cs2

    I need to find my application number of my adobe photoshop cs2 and i dont know where its at, anyone know? i dont think its the serial, i have that. is it in the program somewhere.
  11. O

    rate teh number of posts above you!!1!!

    I guess this is my satirical post about all the rating threads going on lately, they have been getting increasingly stupider. Try thinking up something new instead of doing what everyone else is :S
  12. VoLd

    Post number thingy?

    I just noticed that whenever i post a reply or thread or whatever my post number always stays at 4..... why?
  13. A

    Number of Servers on Steam

    I checked out the Steam Player Number said ESF had 150 current servers....but when i uncheck everythng in my steam Filter I only get about 30 servers????
  14. I

    Serial number

    1st post oO Well my hl serial dosent work on steam i dunno why maybe cause they closed my serial i buyed cause they want me 2 buy condition zero BUT i wont buy CZ so any who know how i can get my serial work on steam ? :\ O_O :p
  15. S

    Cant bind keys to number pad

    i cant seem to bind my keys to the numberpad on steam esf, this happened with won but that was fixed by running it in windows 98 compatibility mode, if i do it with steam i get an error can any one help?
  16. V

    I am user number 1

    That is all.
  17. Sunslayer

    The little square thingy next to your post number

    i am guessing that you guys will be beating the guts out of me fore this, but what does that little green square mean? i see something like "Sunslayer has talent, but has a lot of work to do (10)" on mine... what does that number mean?
  18. K

    ICQ number

    Hello everybody, Want more buddies in you contact list??? add me and the ones who placed there icq number too!!! mine is KjRvE_AMMO ICQ#: 282029624 also, i have ICQ lite, whats the differents of lite and ICQ, just a normal free ICQ??? tnx
  19. D

    A number of Issues

    Ok, This game is great and all, but It's just too bug ridden to actually enjoy as at the same degree of , oh say CS, or another popular working game. Hopefully, none of you are experiencing any problmes likes the one I am about to present to you. Is it just me? Or does it take 30 minutes to...
  20. Gogeta91

    ussj goku(in kamishenan gi)

    Hey this is a small edit.its a ussj goku. i just can't geta sayain armor skin to fit.