1. Pemalite


    Ok, after playing esf for 5 hours straight, I decided to watch dragon ballz from the start (I have every episode on tape) and I noticed something... in esf frieza has 2 toes, BUT in the videos he has 3! (god attention to detail, lmao) Im not sure if anyone has picked this up, but yeah I did... lol
  2. Wangster

    goku *thanks to davidskiwan*

    well, i made a drawing of goku, with watching as much as possible on the proportions, and folds, thanks to david for giving me the site, i learned proportions of goku there. here it is: wat do you guys think?
  3. Optimus Prime

    Just noticed!

    If you mouseover a thread title, it shows you the thread! Lol, I don't know how long it's been like this, but I just figured it out. Thought anyone else who didn't know would like to, don't flame me for being a noob, I've been around for a long time :talk:
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Working on a new image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth

    Final Image - Power Corrupts - Rebirth Alright, I finished it, hope you like :)
  5. sexyasian86


    well here ya go ppl. credits to azn [dont know where to contact him sorry ughh] uhm and yea that's about it. ^_^ basically took me forever to reskin it. and added on his lil mystic kai suit thingie i'll be adding a Z Sword later wh00t wh00t also need to add the Red Belt. i'm still working...
  6. T

    Have you noticed?.....

    Has anyone noticed that in realistic teams when you highlight trunks it says freeza....i noticed this a long time i the onlt one
  7. P

    things i noticed

    here we go,this is my lsit of problems while playing esf. * more lag? * melee is a bit harder * locks up every minute for no reason, must retry in 1 min...retry in console ...etc..etc...etc... * some sound arent good,yet some are much better * beams are improved,liek it alot...
  8. B

    now something completely different

    more pics here first of all, dont be sad or dissapointed, im still working on the android pack, but in the meanwhile im still working on the mods im in ... this is a 30's mob guy called charlie :p, hes the first model of the WiseGuys mod for HL2 (originally for ut2k3 but we find the hl2...
  9. DragonSphere

    Some body make a battle damaged piccolo?

    :devgrin: I like battle damaged piccolo
  10. B0Bmaster40000

    pfw logo

    what do you guys think of this new logo i made for my metroid pack?
  11. Ultraq

    i noticed something

    i dunno if anyone else noticed this, but on the potw where it show mutliple power struggles, the power levels are 1mil and 3mil EXACTLY, it seems to me that we will be able to determine starting power level? or else how did the team get the power levels at exactly 1,000,000 and 3,000,000? or is...
  12. Vengaurd

    Fixed the beam pack

    im sure you guys had noticed...but i wonder why none of you told me about it... ;( the bigger beam pack all the beam heads were pixely and had wight squares around them. this has been fixed and the trails are all now bigger. see sig for website
  13. dudeman

    Serial Expiriment Lain WP's

    ive been watching SEL lately.. and whenever i watch an anime i start making wps of it :) the first one is kinda ****ed by the noise.. i wanted to remove it cuz i didnt like it but it was already too late :cry:
  14. Tsunami

    just noticed......

    I just noticed the quick reply area at the bottom. good job of putting it on their it's so much better to use.
  15. S

    form four freeza

    anyone want to skin my frieza. its the cyborg model i tried to skin its body but it suked but i did good on the head though and can anyone animate it also. this is one of my first models so it might not be very good. i got the arms and the tail from the origonal frieza and the legs from the...
  16. G

    Vegeta Model

    I just finished this model, I like it but it will probably never be released by me. I tried skinning him but failed. (It looks better this way lol) Well, I still want to see him skinned so anyone who wants to skin him just pm me. (I'm not going to make a skin map.) You can then get it into esf...
  17. Vengaurd

    big beam pack

    i got rather mixed comments from the kame poll so i figured id just start a new "black and white" poll. so tell me, do you think i should make all the beams bigger? (the generic beam being the exeption of coarse)
  18. D

    Things I have noticed

    Sorry to take up more forum space with another thread but when I DL this mod I thought 'Oh yay another DBZ mod' I installed it and played it. I have fallen in love with this mod, what makes it even better is I only played the beta and there is still more to come. Ok the two things I...
  19. USJTrunks


    Yeah, crappy name, didn't know what else to name it
  20. Marauder

    My First Wp

    ok, i know it sux, but its a first ^^ if your gonna say something bad about it,tell me how to fix it Oo