1. G

    Thing in manual i just noticed

    when i was looking at the manual, i noticed something under the characters. it says transform powerlevel, then it says perfect transform powerlevel. what does the perfect transform powerlevel mean?
  2. F

    I don't mean to nitpick, but small thing I noticed.

    I was reading the ESF manual and noticed that you apparently seem to have switched the Burning Attack and Finishing Buster around. If I remember right, the Burning Attack was a small blue ball attack used by Trunks to distract Frieza so he could catch him off guard and slice him in two with...
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    have u noticed...

    that there has been a huge amount of new forum members since the announce of the release date of esf? i mean, in almost every thread, there is at least 3 ppl that i have never heard of.
  4. Raven Blade

    WIP - Vegeta (Saiyan)

    I had this vegeta model lyin around and finally got around 2 skinning it, as you can see its not done yet ^.^, but any CnC would b helpful....
  5. C

    Player spawn question

    I was playin around in hammer and i made a map trying to keep in mind the scale down ... but once i placed the player spawn in i noticed the entity was extremely small compared to the rest of my map .. so my question is the little green block that represents the player spawn is that how big the...
  6. B

    Rules For Posting Your Work.

    As of late I have noticed alot of unacceptable behaviour regarding peoples work and I believe these rules will help keep trouble to a minimum and make your forum surfing alot easier and more pleasurable. So before or when showing the community your work or commenting on others work please...
  7. imkongkong

    splash screen, need hosting

    i made a splash screen, i was wondering if someone could host it, i'll send to you whoever wants to see it, i pretty much like it :p its in the stars in space with a pic of earth and some of the z fighters, you know, earth's special forces, pic of earth, umm yea
  8. imkongkong

    new posted goku model

    the gokou model yea.. the regular goku model looks great, superb.. for the ssj model thoe, i think the head is a little small.. doesn't look proportioned well to the body.. yea, the texture of the skin and the neck part looks like it should be more straight.. but it looks fantastiC! good job...
  9. S

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    Opinions? If you want I can upload the 800x600 version. By the way, The text sucks I already know!
  10. V3g3t@

    ssj 3 goku skin

    is anybody making a ssj3 Goku skin?
  11. D

    All skins

    I think, all the models for ESF are the maximum. (hl engine) But the face-skins look a bit unreal, not this :] smiling for vegeta. Or this angry face (piccolo). Yeah, nobody sees your face in game but then it would be perfectly. *spam your comments or delete this fool thread.
  12. I

    some of my realistic art work

    hey check this out! and this is what it was
  13. A

    Hey Spin, I noticed something.

    Your Red Sayian Cyborg Vegeta looks similar to the idea i have for what my character arthos should look like. But with a normal chest(Wearing what looks like a US Army Uniform(Like an official would wear), with a kevlar vest) and Metal arms/shoulders. The Legs just above the knees and down are...
  14. DiebytheSword

    About that hentai thread . . .

    You may have noticed it's missing. That's because it doesn't belong in the Models/Skins Forum. When the Perverts/Hentai forum opens, I'll gladly allow you to repost it. Till then, alot of youngsters (10-13) use these forums, keep that word out of here. If you want a cute DBZ chick...
  15. S

    Something i just noticed..

    Well.. if you look at the ESF Chat almost every thread are moved.. I know that some are n00b and that they dont know about the section, that you have to post in it. iG posted a topic about these.. i think noone read it. Also.. Chimpbot got Mod Control .... but thats not the bad things.. hes...
  16. SS_Vegeta

    One of my nOOb models

    Not BAD mantis, for your first serious model. But i'm gonna be the one to tell you that its a huge waste of polys. If you have like 10 of those runnin around in almost any game it'll crash or lag alot. I suggest you tone that chest and arm section down to at least half the amount. And one other...
  17. K


    can soemone map a HUGE MAP (and i mean huge!!!) of the World Mation arts Tournamnet? Like thats all the map is, a HUGE Arena! and if you fall of the Small gap on the side, you lose/Die! Anyway, i this this would be a Damn Cool Map! and but i dun know how to work Worldcraft 3 :(
  18. H

    new maps where ?

    hi all does anyone know a web site that has lots of new maps ?
  19. MONXver1.5

    Not sure if you noticed

    But vegeta's gallict gun(how ever its spelled) looks more like this. Charge Fire The way he dose it now look more like a purple K wave, and weren't the attacks even?