1. RavenTrunks

    .Net Frameworks isn't working on my computer anymore.

    Recently my .net frameworks suddenly stoped working any anything that uses it will not load and work. This is the error I get and google for days has yield nothing in my particular case. I run windows 7 64 bit. and yes I do have frameworks installed. I've tried uninstalling and...
  2. KarrdeKNR

    Al Franken Fights for Net Neutrality

    Not really political at all. Full disclosure of course, we all know I'm a liberal and a supporter of Franken. That being said, the issue of net neutrality is really a no brainer for us geeky types. I don't want my internet screwed over. Wouldn't mind if ppl signed this and tweeted/facebooked...
  3. Dokutayuu

    My net speed increased tenfold... whilst I was using it.

    For about a week, my net had gone to terrible speeds. Enough to make dial up seem appealing, enough for it to take 10 minutes on a 1MB download. It made gaming harder (ping from 30 to 100 in some games, and it wasn't the servers) and took minutes for a few seconds of Youtube videos to load...
  4. Kaination

    2012: The Year The Internet Ends (Net Neutrality at risk)

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  5. Renyori

    Post your net speed
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    Check Ures net speed here

    go on and check Ure net's speed HEre's mine
  7. Optimus Prime

    First GH3 Footage Hits the Net!

    Weezer - My Name is Jonas and Foghat - Slow Ride. Too bad the guy playing is horrible.
  8. B

    Hilfe!!! Bekomme ESF net an!!!

    Ich habe die orginal steam gold version also cs 1.6 und hl 1 wenn ich esf installiere gebe ich den pfad an und installiere. dann starte ich esf und er geht in cs rein console öffnet sich^ wie kann ich dann auf esf wechseln durch einen consolenbefehl?
  9. Z

    Net Play

    why cant my esf connect to the valve servers when looking for servers?
  10. R

    Why does my net keep D/C'ing? bah, help

    For a month now, ive been trying to come back to this game, but every 10 minutes my net drops. The only way to bring it back up is when i Unplug my modem, and plug it back in. If i dont, it stays down indefinatley. Does anyone know whats wrong? The lights on my modem randomly start flashing when...
  11. R

    Problem when I try to play net..

    When I try to connect at the V1.2.3 Server #2 for play My game say my version has to old.. I have the v46 and the serveur ESF-World use the v47.. But I have the last version ! But I have ESF 1.23.. And I have Half life What is the problem ? O_o (Sorry if my...
  12. M

    Net play

    Hi again i want some help with net. I copy that server IP and i go game then internet games i add that IP there when i'm trying to join it says something like that (under protocol versio) I wish somebody can help me MR-VAMPIRE :devgrin:
  13. |Overlord|

    1.1 ownage @ net cafe

    ok , just then i was playying esf at a internet cafe in chatswood with a bunch of asian noobs , there were like "oh , 10 against one will own u" they complained like noobs would aswell , anywho , i was gohan , and they only killed me 3 times in total , then they just started flaming me , they...

    Kiddies on the net

    In these forums there are some kids here that are like 10 and 11. And they know net lingo such as: "lol" "lmao". When i was that age i wasnt on the net 24/7. I never used it unless for school projects. So u older guys, what do u think of these kiddies being active members of the net community.
  15. M

    Net Send Packet Error (HELPPPPPP!)

    ok my friend gets this error on his OS Fatal Error Net Send packet ERROR: WSARNIVAL any one knoe whats wrong this happends when he trys to vonnect to an ESF server thanks a lot
  16. C

    What kind of net connectiondo you need for ESF

    I have jetstarter (DSL), but is it good for ESF. o_o
  17. C

    A gamers net connection should be........

    Hey, I have jetstarter (DSL), but its only good in my country, so what do you "hard core gamers" use :]
  18. NightShade

    Playstation 2 new net game :0 no montly fee before you ask heh check that game out. suppose to be diablo 3 for ps2. full mic support and all. comes out in 22 hours :) If anyone else going for it. Lets hook up in the game. The title turns me away. but all the people...
  19. X

    What do i do to play on the net

    Can someone tell me how to play on the net.I love this game so much i need to know.
  20. Gama

    Can Someone put my sig on the net so i can use it

    Can anyone put my sig on the net and send me the address, if you can ill e-mail it to you plz can anyone do it
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