1. M

    New life for, .net and .org

    New Life for , .net and .org.... I can hear you thinking like WHAT a new life for those three but there was only one.. Thats right.. there was only one but if a give that site a new life than i want to do it in the good way so to register a few redsayian...
  2. Tsunami

    Renting games off the net

    I've been thinking about signing up with RedOctane, a place that rents video games because my local blockbuster sucks ass and I don't have the cash to buy most of what I wanna play. Is any one here a member of that site? Does it have good service? Are they reliable?
  3. B

    from where i can download models?

    plz help me is down and i want to download gotenks pack and brolly model and adult gohan plz help me :\
  4. Optional

    GHP_EarthCanyons - 56k'ers Be Weary of the Images. Note: No texture blending because we have no texture blending textures...
  5. L

    any maps to give

    if u have maps give me the shortcut to download them thanks u know were to put shortcut i hope see ya thanks
  6. Synth


    Wassap esforums, i've already tried the search technique and the is down "again")technique and now im lost. i can't find a saiyaman model and sound pack to replace teen gohan. i would really, really, really appreciate it if someone would show me any leads to getting this...
  7. H

    Glowing Smo SSJ2 Goku

    Heres an edit I made a while back.. complete with glowyness... A few people wanted me to edit my SSJ2 Goku from a while back. Said the hair was messed up. So here it is: <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR> Hope you like. Credits go to Smo for making the...
  8. dudeman


    i tried out some new stuff and made this: havent done any graphics for quite a long while.. so my skills have sunken a lil.. but im backing up :) as usual.. crits, comments welcome :)
  9. B

    plz am new here where i can

    found skins to download? plz?
  10. Bryggz

    My Bruce Lee Banner/Sig/Background/Or whatever, give crits

    you heard the subject hmmm? :shocked:
  11. D

    My 1st REAL Work in 3DSM (w/ Photoshop)

    I...didn't REALLY know wut to I followed a tutorial, then after I finished making the object, I decided to change a bunch of stuff...and ended up with this. Critz plz
  12. N

    Vash model?

    has anyone ever thought of makin a vash model? I'm supprised there isn't one out right now... bein so many vash fans and all :laff:
  13. C

    R U forgetting the others???

    Man, I would REALLY like to see Tenshin, Chaozu and Yamcha!!! No one seens to remember these guys and that makes me feel bad 'cause they r important too!
  14. Darkside


    new iod map out by me :D, i'm too lazy to post screenshots right now, but u can get the map here...
  15. N

    First model

    My first model its a gun model i made in max not to detailed but i will get it detailed soon about 70% complete what do you think?
  16. N

    newb at makein skins plz help!

    I was just wonderin how to color stuff... I just made a little kirby so ya I need help bad!!! :scared: o_o
  17. T

    Ssj4 Gohan 1.1

    my new and first model ever.
  18. T

    A ssj4 gohan

    well i was tired of waiting so im doing a ssj4 gohan heres pic. just need to put the ssj4 hear and fix a flew things.
  19. Koren


    ok i am thinking into getting into making sprites but i need a program to do it what program could i use and could download from the net and use to make sprites
  20. DaKD

    Vegeta Movie 6

    Update below