1. L

    ESF 1.3 Multi Core Support

    First of all I'm not even sure HL Engine supports dual core but will ESF Team touch some parts of the engine and make it support dual core , triple or quad maybe if possible? I have read ESF 1.3 will require substantial more resources than previous versions so doing this move would make sense...
  2. Tsunami

    Crazy Multi Imput Touch screen *VIDEO*

    WOW! I want one :D
  3. $sj Goku

    Goku's Multi Image Technique

    remember How in the show When goku started moving so fast You only can see a trail of his images? I think this could be implimented as Goku's Special some how... Im not sure is how to put it gameplay wize but i have an idea how it could work ok after hitting the "specialattack"...
  4. Kurt`

    MULTI THEFT AUTO? !_! Came out a few days ago as you are no doubt aware.......... How many of you actually have san andreas (or are willing to acquire it) and would be willing to do a race marathon or setup a tournament? I have enough pipe to host vent/teamspeak or whatever + a dedicated box to...
  5. Ravendust

    Disc Changes: Destructo Disc, Multi Disc, Scatter Disc...

    I thought of a few things to change for Krillin, it would implement new attacks and and would only overpower him in making him more unpredictable: Destructo Disc: As it is now, I think it should have a larger max size and also be faster the larger it is, and maybe slightly less ki cost (to...
  6. T

    Ded. Server Command for Multi PS?

    As the topic states. Thanks :)
  7. 009

    Krillin Multi Disc

    In the frizar saga, krillin used multi disc's against frizar... i thought if you could so you make a larg disc with left mouse button as it is now... and right mouse button to make many small disc's... with charging of course.. so they work like vegeta fast ki blast attack.... some thin glike...
  8. J fox

    multi malee

    iv been thinking iv seen alot of dbz eposodes where theres a 3 or 4 way malee battle going on can that be done in half life? u still will be proteted from beams just not from other peaple who malee. itll be funny 2 see 8 guys like 4 good and 4 evil maleeing at the same time in the same spot...
  9. KilledWithStyle

    Block Slow Down (multi BS?)

    I found what seems to be an attempt of a multi BS. That is like multi ps, but for BS. Maby you guys started to do this and didnt completely do it, but I have a demo showing you about it. <Block Bug Demo Link What It does is it...
  10. P

    Multi PS?

    1.Im not sure though but Is multi Power Struggles Like a team power struggle? Example this guy and another guy on "good" and 1 guy one bad and 1 bad and 1 good start psing and another good shoots a beam to help his team mate OR... 2.Is it like 1 guy ps with another guy and another guy ps with...
  11. G

    Multi ps.....

    Ehm does multi ps only work in Free Fighting mode?? that's all I want to know.....
  12. SSFT

    Multi ps

    I was testing on a lan game, and I was wondering, can 1 person stack attacks on an enemies beam? Because I cant seem to do it with the ball attacks, my friend shot a beam at me and only 1 kiball or sb would connect, the others would go through to the other side. and I tried to help my brother...
  13. P

    About multi ps

    how do u do it the people in the server never try so i dont know
  14. G

    Multi PS

    Check this out :D :D 3 SB's and 3 Kame's do wonders :D
  15. MONXver2.0

    Multi ps how

    Ok our team and the other team were shooting like tons of beams and every PS we couldn't join in. Whats the deal?O_o
  16. A


    well i have bin Searching now.. and i still cant find the blue - Scouter Red - Scouter any 1 wanna help me find it? thx :fight: //zion
  17. A

    multi in beta 1.1

    can 1 guy like block two beams at once??? or can 2 guy block 1 beam at once in Beta 1.1???:scared:
  18. T

    Multi Ki Blast

    (Sorry if this has been talked about before, too lazy to look :D) With the ki blasts i like the ones that there are currently but what about a more rapid fire ki blast that fires faster and the ki blast/orbs are bigger and have bigger starting explosions but u cant move or anything while...
  19. S

    Gta3 multi player!!! wiii

    Hey some good new's :D.there is finaly gta3 multiplayer :shocked: It's just an alpha but it's better then nothing :d
  20. Colgetto

    Multi attack---

    Know the attack that Vegeta and Goku do in the stumack of buu,why not use it in esf......