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Mar 27, 2004
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i know the idea of rage has been suggested...alot.... but here is my idea

the rage bar can go higher depending upon how much you are getting smacked around (advanced or simple melee) this would probably require another bar...
when it gets full the different characters get one special attack or transformation.

Goku: 10x kamehameha or he could do his dragon fist since it is being implemented in 1.3

Gohan: Chou kamehameha, maybe when he is ssj make him go ssj2?

Vegeta: since majin would look abit strange just appearing out of the blue you could make vegeta be able to go ssj 1, 2 but even in his normal state he can go majin since the only reason he was controlled was because he started getting angry thus showing his "evil heart"

Buu: you could actually make that his first transformation since in the series he got mad because his puppy was shot (he has to be at the transforming level to do this otherwise all you would have to do is get pummeled heal pummeled heal ect.)

Frieza: when at final form can reach 100% power (bulky stage) or a more powerfull version of the death ball

Piccolo: maybe make his special beam cannon (sbc) instant gib but faster and maybe bigger?

Krillin: rapid destruto disk if you want they could be abit smaller but most people wanted his destructo disk to have something else added to it so this might be ok (maybe 5 disks shot in succesion)

Trunks: in advanced melee if the first hit is successfull instant sword gib or this could be the "trigger" to go ussj or ussj2 whatever you want to call it :p

Cell: chou kamehameha or dual destructo disk or some others since he does have everyones cells :p

remember all these can only be used once untill they build up thier rage bar again and I cant think how it could be spammed since you do have to get hit to build it (this actually might make sensu (spelling?) beans more your friend.)
When its full you could start to shine or something of the sort, in my opinion this might take away the repedative feeling some might get from doing the same thing over and over again because of all the new transes and your rage bar probably shouldnt go up from killing other-wise this would be a beam spammers dream.....
this thread had some really good ideas about how it would look like when you went into rage mode

anyway tell me what you think :)
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Nov 18, 2002
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great idea except i have a few sugestions.
Vegeta could just have a general rage (temp boost of power, speed, ect), and once he gets to ss2 when his rage fills up he goes majin and majin doesn't descend? Full rage on majin = self destruct ;).

I think all of buu's transformations should be triggered by rage, more like the show.

Piccolo should go into multiform when rage is full (tripple melle damage, tripple chances of enemy getting multi-arrow)

For cell i think his rage should be the massive bulky for he goes when he gets uber pissed off at gohan, but as a side effect when it wears down he descneds back to form 2 (to simulate #a18 coming out) and cant retransform, BUT When he respawns he comes back as his ultimate perfet form like in the show after he selfdestructs (big boost to everything

You could go as far to say that all SSJ, SSJ2 transformations should be triggered by rage aswell
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Sep 29, 2002
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Rage has been suggested many times, and it has never been accepted. If you really want an idea through, you have to elaborate every single part of it. Like how does the rage bar raise, and at what rate. Stuff like that.

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Mar 16, 2004
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Chou kamehameha is japanese name. In english, it is the ultimate kamehameha

Ultimate Kamehameha:
Japanese Name: Chou Kamehameha
First Used By: Goku
Description: Basically the same as the regular Kamehameha but it is much more powerful and uses a lot more energy. It was used by Goku against Piccolo in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai.

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