1. M

    Totalitarian EA Moderators

  2. VideoJinx

    When Emo Moderators strike

    lawl Banned by Nix from the chatbox for declaring him a rookie in the field of checking out UFO's. I mean this emo reaction, is coming from a guy who makes fun of people and calls it sarcasm.. NEED EXAMPLE.. Remember back to when Dan was complaining about Dam and Nix being moderators...
  3. Damaera

    Chat Box Moderators

    Hello. Yesterday, we talked about the Chat Box. Things have been getting too out of hand. Insults, Arguments are being thrown out all the time. So the team decided to start having "Chat Box Moderators" Zeonix and I decided to step up. We do not have forum moderation abilities, but we do have...
  4. Growler

    To Moderators >:[]

    Had you goin there for a moment, didn't I? Anyway... After seeing [S] warn 3 guys consecutivley... I wondered... What's the record for the most amount of given 'deserved' warnings at one time in a single thread for one situation (ie. Flame war, w/e)? If you show me the thread = bonus points.
  5. Majin Pool

    You moderators rulez, i love you!!!!

    Man, i can't believe how fast you guys respond, wow. I just love you moderators!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! :yes:
  6. D

    Need help from forums moderators

    Well there's this Naruto site that I like, and I asked the webmaster if i could help him out with the site, he said he would make me a Global Mod, can any of you mods help me out with this? I've never been one of these before o.O 1. What is it? 2. What are some of the abilities of one of...
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My Form 4 Frieza , 100% , BD

    I have made a frieza form 4 , 100% , bd Heres a pic : Hope you like it???
  8. R

    Thank You Modellers :-D

    Well, i'm watching the forums know for quite a while. I know i'm no high-count-poster but i'm following the development at the game and in the forums. And i think it is getting worse and worse. If there is a new thread there is, after some posts, either a post with releasedate asking or spaming...
  9. G

    question to moderators

    hey i have a question to u moderators out there and the question is how do u get to be a moderator. i see that all of u have over 1000 posts is that all u need to do or do u have to be one who helps make esf. anyways thanks for the answer:D
  10. D

    Mesage to the moderators ?

    This is in regards to the little punk Skater007 Just wondering why you guys don't just delete his threads apon creation in the moderator control pannel ? If the ESF forums are run anything like the lanholm ones we follow a rule that all threads that are out of date get sent into an invisible...
  11. K

    in ESF 1.1 how much TRANSFORMERS can we do?

    still only super sain 1????
  12. Cold Steel

    A lot of moderators

    Sheez are you guys so desperately in need of moderators,from day to another i see there are like 3-6 moderators on one topic. Why?
  13. Skinnerfool

    Gotenks in-game Thread

    Why did my thread closed? i didn't say anyting about i making them. I JUST FOUND IT ONM MY UPLOADER!
  14. G

    what about satans map neo_tourny

    eey satan how far did u finished ur map
  15. -Dark Shadow-


    where do you get it from and is it to make models?
  16. Y

    DakD isn't this your Ssj3 goku?

    hey DakD i think some dude stole your goku ssj3
  17. S

    Where to download Worldcraft

    :cry: O_O where must i download worldcraft ;( :)
  18. Vegito1180


    Why Do I Keep Getting Banned.I Dint Do Anything?
  19. Pommy

    Wtf is wrong with these moderators

    Ok my friend [Majin]Buu-boo got banned. Why ?? Unknown. I think (meaning my opinion) That the whole ESF team sucks balls and all power trippers. A year working on a mod. how pathetic. I know I own you all. Quit trying to be elite. you might make up all this bull **** but its true. I own you...
  20. M

    Can someone make me a sig?

    Title is pretty self explanitory. That or could someone send me to a sight where I can learn how to make some really cool sigs like I have seen on the forums. Mainly I just want one with these things in it. A couple pictures of Mystic Gohan, somewhere on there it saying Mystic -X-, and the...