1. M

    EVM Oozaru model(I got 48 hours to finish)

    well I got 48 hours to finish this model for Raven, and here's the results( taken from the other thread, just realized I was offtopicing on my own thread) total elapsed time so far= 4 hours and 24 minutes body done in half an hour hands and feet done in half an hour head done in a bit...
  2. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  3. NinJa HunteR

    Mdl importer

    Mdl importer for 3ds max Can be Found Here If the link above don't work try Here COPYRIGHT: YobGuls From Wc3 Campaigns *Edit*Sorry i forgot to especify for which modeling program is. ( 3ds max ) (MAXscript)
  4. S

    big final flash

    have you a sprite big final flash to download please :laff: sorry im french my english is quite good
  5. R

    Can any modeler help me?

    Hey, I've been playing The Specialists for a while. And I have looked, and looked but have found no amazing Raiden, or Snake models *mgs2 chars* for the game... I have some modeling skills.. but not enought to make them good. So if anyone would liek to help that'd be great
  6. Tweek

    SSJ2 Gohan

    ..Hey ;D no this is not my mdl altho i wisj it was ;) but a friend of mine is scared of crits (shouldnt b) so i hav offerd 2 show it ;D. Now this is is first mdl and i fink it is a good mdl 4 first atempt so pllz not so harsh on the crits :D, Tankz ..Tweek ;) And ..?????????
  7. U

    HELP importing models into lightwave

    I've had Lightwave 7.0 for about a year now and i've never really tried modeling with it... i tried to open an esf model yesterday simply by double-clicking the file. it would open up The lightwave modeling program, but then it was error out and nothing would come up. What do I need to do to...
  8. Pemalite


    Ok, after playing esf for 5 hours straight, I decided to watch dragon ballz from the start (I have every episode on tape) and I noticed something... in esf frieza has 2 toes, BUT in the videos he has 3! (god attention to detail, lmao) Im not sure if anyone has picked this up, but yeah I did... lol
  9. Smith

    Perfect Cell

    I have just made a Perfect Cell skin from Cell2 from ESF. Im not trying to rip anything, this is my first attempt at skinning, tell me if you like it!
  10. Damaera


    How can I get Milkshape 3d for free? Sorry if this is talking warez or whatever
  11. M

    ROUND 2

    Well i see my first EDITED BG didnt hit the spot i will try again with an complete MY BG *EDIT* Keep in mind its my First I hope u like CRITZ
  12. P

    help ,e please

    I really want to know how I can make models or mods. if there is a special program I'll be glad to know about it. I really need help, please with thanks powersnake
  13. A

    Modeling Software

    Can anybody send me it broadband only please. Maybe we can trade for something games/software or whatever. ** no warez kthx ** (S-Bolt--)
  14. G

    ssj4 models

    Does any one know where I can get a good ssj4 model for esf? I cant find any anywhere!!!
  15. S

    "What do I need To Make a model"

    I have nothing.I want to make models now that I've seen some great but their not out.I don't know what I need though.
  16. N


    Ok i know that there is a thread on this and all other modeling proggys..... But what i did not see is OnE important factor for an esf model and how 2 compile it. My idea was someone should post how a esf qc file should look so you have no errors compling it and it would clear up this problem...
  17. TehMuffinMan

    Tein... Release!!

    woohaa! fnially spin found the file i sent him a while back.. anyways, this pack contains well... an amazing model and skin of tein,trunks shadow's really good at modeling and skinnning, lets hope you can be amazed at his model too! The pack also contains some sounds me and morrane did a...
  18. P

    Modeling Help

    I was wondering if anybody could help me with modeling and such. Such as the basics to makeing a decent model. And maybe even make a model together. My MSN address is : [email protected] My AIM ScreenName is : ShiningPaladin08 Thanks Alot!
  19. Hawki_ice

    Dragon Ball Ng

    ok guys im working with David and LordKillmore 2 make a pack that replaces all the basic ESF models with a sort of NG conversion (just puts NG models in game) so its just really making a model pack lol Lordkillmore is handling sprites, David has done a few REF pics for the chars and im...
  20. DBZFever

    Modeling help!

    Hey. Im trying to make my first model, and all that i can do properly is the chest, neck, and face. I cant do the arms or legs, does anyone want to help me? I already read many tuts, so telling me to read tutorials isnt going to help.