1. Deathshot

    Topics you miss.

    What topics do you guys miss from the past? I would have to say my favorite one was The ESF Carol from 2006 that Lion Posted.. http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=64639
  2. MONXver2.0

    Sooo what'd I miss?

    Hey guys, hows things been? Been gone from these forums and site for the longests. Are all the mods gone? Is Cucumber still here? JOe? No one ever did tell me what happend to hibiki. Thou the site dose seem alittle worst for wear. As for me i'm studying and training myself to join the...
  3. Dokutayuu

    Full Metal Alchemist was awesome, I miss it...

    I just finished watching the anime then the movie. I've read some of the manga (first few chapters) but I've noticed that after that it'll be all gone. The Elric brothers were such awesome characters, I'm happy they're together but it's over. I really enjoyed it, anyone recommend anything for...
  4. B

    You know what I miss? (LID POSTED HERE)

    I miss how in 1.1 you could do the 3 hit combo, and if you were ssj, you could do up to 6 hits. I remember using amx mod to give them god mod and doing a 37 hit combo or something insane like that with by recharging between hits. Those were the days. What do you miss?
  5. M

    Developers You Miss

    Out of the many video game developers I've seen come and go, I'd have to say I miss Westwood Studios the most. Despite being a small team, they produced some incredible games. In fact, I still play Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and Command & Conquer: Survivor. Other great...
  6. Spunky

    Miss Videogame 2007

    Have any of ya voted yet? If you haven't, it'd be cool if you could vote for 1337Lauren. She's my brother's ex-girlfriend, so he voted for her and asked me to do the same. She's really cool in person, dunno why he left her, but I think she deserves the Miss Videogame award thingy.
  7. Optimus Prime

    Who do you miss?

    I would have said Brim, until he started coming back as of late. <3 So I'm going to have to say I miss Lid's witty social commentary.
  8. Tsunami

    TV shows that you cannot miss

    what are some of the tv shows that you watch that you don't wanna miss (unless its a repeat or the season is done) mine are CSI: Miami Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: CI House The Dresden Files Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  9. S

    who do you miss?

    from the forums, i mean, the people who dont come here anymore or come much less, who do you miss? meh, i miss bolteh :'( he's such an awesomeness guy and i loved all his stuff.... drawings, models, sigs.... plus he always told everyone straight what he thought =P was damn funny too i...
  10. crazykorean10

    Really miss days of CS and DOD

    You guys might knwo i deleted steam :( and i thought cs sucked and never wanted to think of it again but know i remeber hwo fun i had playing cs and all my friedns i made on cs and dod dod is like my fav game ever and i remeber the time i went on killing streak with a rifle Anyone else...
  11. Reptile

    Beta 1.3, u know u dont wanna miss it

    yay, we got smo we got smo we got smo :yes: :yes: good discision, now i´m sure that 1.3 will be an update to remember, welcome to all and good luck and fun performing youre work *ps hibiki, are you cranky lately? or does youre closing saber run off ;/
  12. Z

    I think I miss something ...

    I have not been on the forum for like 3 month, so, can someone tell me why everyone is using steam instead of WONid ? I saw some problem thats only happen with steam and i want to know more about it.
  13. TehMuffinMan

    shijng? no more models? *shock!*

    well, i got a hell of alot of work to do with my 3 mods, operation hollow point, strong bad mod and dragonmod z, so im going to need some extra time for myself, and im going to take that time off doing esf models. Y'see, i really am strapped for time, so i canna really put anymore of it to...
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Feeling Small In This Life

    Took this after a sunshower hit. I love those :)
  15. Mister Satan

    Oh dear what did i miss?

    hey guys sorry about this(this beening slight spam) but i've had the thingie..er...PC...formated and i lost my fav's and such for about the past 2 weeks and to my horror i when i finally sort out my piece of junk of a pc the news page has been updated so much i've been left behind the...
  16. Amayirot Akago

    Which DBZ/GT character do you miss most?

    It struck me a while back; there are characters in DBZ/GT that have disappeared into thin air, and I was wondering which one the fans miss most. I miss Gotenks; that little guy was so damn funny...sob :cry: Christ, I'm getting all emotional here!
  17. Nuttzy

    my bad guy needs a name, and suggs

    this thread serves 2 purposed, for me to pimp my model, and most importantly, to get him named the model is DONE, sounds, skin, anims (but one), and hes ingame. ALOT of thanks goes to shijing, i was about to tear my hair out getting him assigned, his broad shoulders were a certified PAIN IN...
  18. R

    a teraditional arena map....but....

    but this time it has biohazardous stiff around the arena (Doesnt damage yet,going to fix it) For now its just for training purposes,but maybe Im gonna make it a tourny map http://www.geocities.com/kaiser_neo/map/ pics for now,forgive my horrendous lighting in the map,it was supposed to...
  19. Zou Anli


    Ive seen this map on a server. I was conecting but before I could download the map was banned. Does somebody knows more about that map or could gimmi a url to download it ?
  20. A

    Miss Textures

    HELP....don't find the textures at MiD Map????