1. DAviH

    I have an idea to method to transformation on esf final

    to make more natural and needing skills, instead of needing on an exact number of pl to transform it makes so mathematic calculation =l like cuz one number u cant transform why dont you do this way: every char can transform wherever your pl, but to transform you need to complete a bar...
  2. M

    Square Method?

    I recently got back into mapping, though I've lost all creativity at the moment, plus I'm just as clueless about a lot of things as ever. Originally, I had a problem with making terrain out of triangles, unfortunately I still do. So, I decided to download GenSurf to see how the terrain is...
  3. M

    PROPOSAL - ESF Open Beta Distribution method

    Hey, i saw the news on the esforces main page and would like to propose a method for the distribution. Ever since a few months i`m active in the linux community.. and i noticed that most linux/open source projects are using subversion or cvs to maintain there versions and they also share...
  4. G

    Alternate Transformation Method for SSJ Level

    Idea: When ya reached the minimum powerlevel to go Super Saiyan you press Z (ascend button) and then on screen it appears some arrows. To succesfully transform you need to hit correctly all the arrows. If you hit one incorectly youll just exit the transformation but with little ki depleted. As...
  5. Promiscuous Girl

    It's Finally Here-- A New Method Of Posting

    Have you've had trouble here with swear filters ? Are you fed up with editable fonts that makes it hard for some users to read because of the size ? Do you hate it when your serious or angry but people dont realize it because they can't see your facial expression behind their PC/Laptop screen...
  6. K

    Pl Start Change METHOD!

    Post content removed. -grOOvy
  7. D

    New beam chargeup method

    I was thinking the other day, that later in the DBZ series, you see that the characters can release beams that are much bigger than earlier in the series. This is evidently due to the fact that they can put more energy into their attacks / pump them afterwards. Well, I have thought up a simpler...
  8. Shuyin

    Forum Banner *Request*

    Ok, i have a forum And we need a decent banner. I can make an ok one, but ive seen some real talent here and i thought one of you might be up for making one. Instructions : The banner must be 600 x 100 pixels and no more. The image has no specific theme, but must contain the...
  9. B

    how do i convert?

    i always here how ppl convert things from 1.0 to 1.1 so i wanted to ask how did they do it cuz i want to convert trunks hair from 1.0 to 1.1*EDIT* how do i import without bons?
  10. catfish

    Best method for carving

    What are opinions on the best methods to use when carving? Currently I want to create a pillar type object in my map. I've approached it by firstly creating a large tall block solid and carving away at its sides to shape it into a circular-ish (big rock pillar is not an exact circle anyway)...
  11. E

    STRYKER's new avatar/map!

    Ive just seen stryker's new avatar, it looks very cool! seems like this is his very own method to introduce his new maps! What I can see on this pic looks like it was done by a terrain generator, but Im sure you did it on your own, right stryker? ;) This is the best looking landscape Ive...
  12. EpyonX

    Anti-overflow method?

    ARGH!!! I HATE DEVIL.... see how he came and &*&$ing overflowed my server... :idea: Image taken down :idea: (thnx for hosting, Groovy) Look at the nextmap,timeleft messages sent by him. "THAT" IS HOW HE FREAKING OVERFLOWS the servers. Is there any anti-flood plugins or something...
  13. L


    nc_riverside like esf_riverside where it has the river going down the middle off the map and has mountain things around it. has waterfall and stuff... Screen shots,
  14. Bryggz

    My own poly for poly start :)

    yea ive been practicing the poly method for a lil while and well...i made a chest and abs, it's for gotenks mind you so i wanna know whatchall think. click here
  15. -Dark Shadow-

    How do YOU model?

    what style of modeling do you use e.g make shape move verticies. This is not a thread asking HOW to model its how people model! *EDIT* Put in what program you use aswell so people know what kind they use to make great models :) *EDIT 2* I just remembered. If you use any tuts post...
  16. V

    i FINALLY got milkshape!!!!!!plz help

    ive got milkshape now i need too know how to use it anyone wanna tell me plz?:D :D :D :D :D
  17. Bryggz

    My gokussj3 model edit WIP

    Hey guys check out my gokussj3 wip, im working on the hair since everyones seems so grisly, perhaps i'll be more fortunate? tell me what u think so far, keep in mind that the hair is a lil more than 1/2 done (hasta go past his waist/butt) so more will be there, + the top of his head isnt done...
  18. V

    My MP3 method

    I own 5 Dragonball Z soundtracks, some American, some Japanese. However, I converted them to MP3s and it really adds to the Dragonball Z theme whether you are a Japanese fan or an American fan. I'd send them but I am kind of uneasy because it's problably illegal. If I can, hopefully I can be...