1. V

    Alternate Background, lovely!

    I've been annoyed by esf_namek_3's background so I changed it. Check it out. I might even release it to the public. Doubtful though. <MRA> esf_namek_3 alternate background -VideoGamerJ
  2. A

    The Most Messed Up thing happened to me today

    Some ******* stole my old AIM Screename. Check the profile for the new one.
  3. S

    Help!! Server messed!

    Yea i need some help. Some attacks on some characters are disabled, meaning they cant be used. i didnt do it, and i want to know how to make them usable again!! Disabled weapons i know of in my server are : Special Beam Cannon (piccolo and cell) Solar Flare (goku and cell) Senzu...
  4. ZuL

    My first human body model...

    I made it for fun, and i didnt think it would get this good, but here it is! one thing that makes it bad, is that i didnt use any mirror style when creating it. Its 50% made by hand, the rest is tesselated :D gotta love tesselating. One thing that bothers me, is that MAX says its 803 polygons...
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    New Cd cover

    check it out i like it took a couple mins to get it just right
  6. J

    Messed up beams

    All the beams that are supposed to have trails.... well they dont have any trails. Why is this??
  7. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Ok guys who can createGOKU4 ???

    I hope Vassago will answer me cuz i ever trie to get an answer from him ;)
  8. L

    Maps in the next version?

    Will there be new maps in the next version??? (silly question, i know!) :p
  9. fatmanterror

    Gene model done, early skin though

    GENE MODEL there ya go i posted it before but when i clicked the link it messed up so im just makin sure. i decided not to do a hilda model, im going to include spike from cowboy bebop instead which is the next model im doin
  10. DiebytheSword

    Maximum map size. . .

    Does anyone know what the maximum map size is for a ESF/HL map? I tried to make an absurdly large on in gen-surf, which worked, but it was all messed up in Worldcraft. Anyone?
  11. B

    3rd person view is messed

    i need help my thrid player person view is messed and stuck to the side now I need to use first and I wanna use thrid does anyone know how do fix this problem :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  12. R

    trunks capsule torso

    man i like it ****ing much but there are somethings wrong well tell what that is so i can make it better
  13. Hibiki

    and god said...

    LET THERE BE ART! ^note^ this is an imcompleat ssj6 gohan pic.. i didnt make these but a friend of mine did...
  14. L


    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?
  15. D

    Real USSJ Vegeta

    (sigh)... that one dude made a cool USSJ Vegeta, but it looked a little messed up... here is a pic of the one i made... I will post a link for download later... Compare sizee to this one...
  16. L

    Gundam wing wallpaper

    can you guys rate this? tell nme what you think of it out of 10
  17. B

    Good Skining Tutorials

    Ya im gonna start skinning im OK (well im crap) at PSP and would like to skin a bit and would like to know of any good turtorials, ya i tried polycount but that site is all messed up cant find my way about it. any others or direct links please help a beginner skinner. BrunO
  18. S

    ESF model wrong

    I think many people have noticed this but all models hands are like screwed up major this dosnt look good at all and actually lowers the fun factor a bit (at least for me) Oh and Vegetas hand is also messed up when firin a big bang...