1. -Dark Shadow-

    My failed ssj2 goku :(

    look at it anyone know why it happened?? please tell me :cry:
  2. L

    - SSJ Script 6.0

    i downloaded this script from red sayain but what does it do?
  3. E

    Please answer!

    Can I switch the characters moves from one to each other? Etc. Can I move Trunks' Burning Attack to Vegeta, so that Vegeta could use it?? I'd appreciate some help guy's? Thank's Evil_Vegeta
  4. Kman3252

    Great Saiyaman wip

    here is my great saiyaman. not done yet (details need to be added to the green part of his clothing and his pants also the bottom of his green clothing needs to be striaght). I edited the model and the skin of fatmanterrors vegetto. could someone please tell me how to make a milkshape file a...
  5. S

    Meh Portfolio Site

    hello :o i decided it was time to update my site, so I did. but, my upload speed is all messed up, so I cant upload the content yet, but you guys CAN comment on the layout. C&C Welcome
  6. MaX

    my bd ssj2gohan post what u guys want me to TRY and draw now k.. :) Copy and Paste.. feedback on it 2 :)
  7. freeportpretz22


    Thanks .... :S
  8. Rebirah

    MY controles are messed up!!!1

    For some reason when I got on my controls were messed. I cant look up or down!!! When I try to look up i move forward and whenI try to look down I go backwards!I tried clicking default controls but that still didnt help nm I jsut reinstalled it and its fixed now :) it happened when I...
  9. Rebirah

    My cable modem is messed up!!!

    For some reason My cable modem (Charter Communications) is messed up!! There are 4 lights Power,PC,Data,and cable. For some reason the cable and data lights blink for a few seconds then the turn off!!! then that makes me not beable to use the internet!!! Why does this happen? and if you know...
  10. S

    messed up textures

    Hi my games textures are messed up all the player skinns and stuff are on the outside off the map and i tryed reinstalling the game allot of times here a screenshot of how it looks: and on esf_rosat i can't see the ground and stuff and thats realy anoying on every map its differen't :(
  11. DaKD

    Updated Gogeta

    Well heres my updated gogeta model, tell me what you think (ill replace pic later)
  12. R

    default Perfect Cell model messed up

    my pcell model looks screwed up, is it me or is everyone's like this?
  13. S

    **DragonballZ SoundPack**

    I am releasing my 1st Dragonballz sound pack and it includes great quality sounds, as well as some of my all time favorites. I didn't do any special organization sorry but this is a warning. The sounds are named in what sound folder they go into so they aren't the specific file name (ie...
  14. DaKD

    New mirror

    i got a new mirror site for my downlaods its on my main site tehers a link
  15. DaKD

    Big site update

    Ok ive updated my site after a long strech and heres whats done, i uploaded for DL and got pics for - SSJ3goku, SSJ4 Goku and vegeta, The Supremem kai, Goten, and i got Fatman terrors SSJ veggeto and his mystic gohan. o also i got the armor set trunks up for DL. so please go check it out...
  16. DaKD

    Supreme Kai Model

    I am in the process of making a Supreme Kai model using hehe the krillin model by the esf team(bald head) and will post some previews as soon as i can. OK i finished the model and im touching up the skin. ill have some pics today when i get home and the model for DL as soon as i get some new...
  17. Vladdie

    long haired trunks model

    can someone make a normal long haired trunks model and in ssj form to please cause i cant make my own models i'm to dumb for it and that modeling program is to complicated
  18. E

    Smoothing Groups....

    I got bored today so i messed about in max and realised i never used smoothing groups properly, after learning a lil more about them, heres a lil model i made with smoothing groups
  19. U

    Hey... My skies are messed up...

    I used the white sky fix... some time ago, (but I think I've since reinstalled) but all of the skies in the beta so far, and a few of the levels have a problem with textures. They're displaying as holes in the map (very odd looking, if you know what I'm talking about). Why is this happening...
  20. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art to spam!!! (And a sneak peek at the villain of ER1's game)

    Here are some new renditions of Cucumba, Ryuei and Keldaen. The other PC portraits, Phobius and Retasu should be done soon. Hakai is dead now, the unfortunate victim of the Majin Hordes and ProtoBuu. :devgrin: Cucumba Keldaen Ryuei ProtoBuu Cut and paste if clicking on it doesn't...