1. Flamespirit

    how can i meelee

    how can is tart meelee fight dudes??? and why it doesn't just punch in to the air?
  2. A

    How do I meelee? ><

    Well started today, i can't even kill Bots :P ... How the hell do i meelee? Do i have to approach the enemy or something? =/
  3. K


    can anyone give me any combination meelee combination for any character?
  4. W

    who wins in a meelee swoop

    what decides who wins when 2 swoop at each other with meelee (right click)? sometimes i kick them, sometimes i kick me... how does it work
  5. C

    problem with stun time after adv. meelee

    ok whenever i go into an adv. meelee. when the meelee is over we both get blown back. what is the fastest way to recover from that. i swear i have never beaten anyone after the stun time. i get blown back and the other person can charge back to ful and swoop to me everytime before i even get...
  6. M

    meelee suggestion02-combo: after throwing do-teleporting you can throw the player....

    with much more power and you dont need to charge it (charge = catching the player and start spinning it till you "fire" him somewhere) aka Frieza From 4 50% vs Saiyajin Goku remmember when he bashed him with hits from side to side over and over again... thats all
  7. M

    meelee suggestion - like throwing, but swooping with the thrown player!

    exactly as the title... you catch a player lets say by its head and swoop with him to a wall or something... 2 examples of it in the show: *) Frieza form 2 VS Vegeta in the chapter he starts fighting with piccolo the first time - just b4 he does... *) #17 Vs Super Namek Piccolo - Piccolo...
  8. M

    Trunks: Meelee Modification

    Simple - pressing 1 first time and you use meelee like all others... pressing 1 again will make you use meelee with the sword... you will have an animation for either creating the sword and making the sword disappear (I got this idea by some1 in this thread suggesting to add a Dabura to...
  9. M

    An Alternative result for a direct meelee hit

    I dont know if the good old fashioned way of meeleeing will still be able to use in 1.2, well... if it is then I have something new for 2 direct meelee hit of 2 players! simple! if they have about same pl and same ki( the diff can be with 20% up or down ) then when they both swoop to...
  10. A

    I'm sick of lame meelee people.

    EFS Is a nice game, asslonge there are not meele losers around, always getting you in the back, or if you are bushy agianst a other with a beam, very irritating and it kills the fun, for most. I play it sometimes, and I get a lot more fun with out meelee losers, than with, only think they do...
  11. R

    advanced meelee vidio

    like O.M.G how ****ing kool does that look question:any 1 no wot that song is called i must have it for while iam playing ingame :laff: any ways cant wait till it does come out :smile:
  12. M

    Mr. Satan's script and ROSAT Meelee training

    [first of all I want to say that when I thought of this idea I had many things to think about... {******** English} so I may confuse you in this thread then I will explain myself in future posts in here if not understood...] ---This thread will deal with more then one or two...
  13. S

    Advanced Meelee

    I was thinking of an idea for Advanced Meelee System where Primary Fire Targets and Swoops but u could have it where Secondary Fire Hits then back but if u hold Secondary Fire u could Start to beat them up with loadsa punches and kicks etc then tap secondary fire key to hit them away...
  14. M

    I have another Idea!!! - Meelee Suggest.

    you swoop, sure and when you press ALT.Fire the punch immediattly goes off! in something like 1 sec it finishes its way!! in 0.6 sec since the punch got out it is the most powerful and the one that hurt the most when you get hit by it in 0.7=0.4 - half the hit .it would be in 0.6 , 0.2 , 0.8...
  15. G

    1.2 meelee upate?

    I heard that 1.2 is a big meelee update ....... the only question i have is if you creating a server can you choose between advanced meelee and normal meelee??
  16. G


    question: when someone meelees me and im flying back can i counter the attack while flying back i mean that you attack him???
  17. G


    can some body please tell me how to meelee properly because when ever i do it it never works. its so annoying
  18. L

    Meelee Scripts....

    I was wondering if i could have your opinion on these Meelee Scripts which are going around, which i am going to class as 'cheat' scripts. Not sure if everyone is aware of these but these scripts allow you to counter a person blocking. The script for example will set you on meelee, launch you...
  19. X

    hmmmm meelee

    hmmm guys too shame i was hoping for melle just like in oni maybe you could do that in beta 2??? it would really make the game cooler!! because DBZ is like 70 % melee so...
  20. S


    Id say when having a meelee fight if u have atleast 4 or 5 punches hit on the enemy or like if u press punch alot of tiems u do liek a fast fury punch after its finished do u think if u pressed kick once u would be able to hit the enemy back? so itd look liek a real dbz meelee fight