1. G

    media player

    anyone can help me... my windowns media player has begun to play my movies on head... anyone know how i can fix this.
  2. K

    Pictures in media players

    how do i take pictures in windows media player...plz help
  3. TwisteR

    Taking screenshots of media files

    has nothing to do with esf but i figured someone would know. im using real one player, a newer version of real player. so can someone please help? thanks.
  4. L

    Question about Media players

    Im at work right now on this pile of **** computer.. Nothing better to do, I wanna play some videos. I downloaded DiVx had like 50 errors. The files I want to watch are in WMP format. I tryed downloading them and it says sumthing about No decompressor found.. So i tryed to download a new version...
  5. M


    hey i am a big fan of DBZ and this mod but i am wondering if there are any completed Evangelion mods around or at least some skins or models cause i am too damn lazy and stupid to make my own lol.:laff: :laff: :laff:
  6. Morrone

    Screenshot Help Request

    Ok I'm no pro sigger but I'd like to take screeenshots of episodes and use them for sigs much like the one I'm usingnow. I try hititng the 'prt scr' button onmy computer whent he frame I want to use a a pic appears but it doesnt work. The one in my sig was a fluke and I can't seem to od it...
  7. B

    new ssj3 goku skin

    my friend kain and i have made a skin to replace ssj goku.....i give full props to esf team for the kain for his ssj3 hair...and me for his face> i am new to forums so if i didn't link this right i apologize u can still see where the model is i would post a pic but haven't...
  8. S

    Web Site Media

    Just like all the other esf fans out there, I can't wait for beta version to come out. So I wondered if it was possible to put up some short clips of the beta in action just for a bit of eye candy and to get me even more hyped about this upcoming release :D
  9. USJTrunks

    New wallpaper

    A wallpaper I did.
  10. greentaco


    Just thought I'd post some art up... I'm currently helping the Interactive Media II (advanced) class out (I'm in Interactive Media I) with an art network site that they're making. I made a design, and although I'm not sure if they're going to go with it, I think it's pretty cool...