1. F

    iTunes Support

    I thought that it would be a good idea to have in-game iTunes support for ESF: Final so that you do not have to ask Bruce Falconer for his songs, for example we could just BUY the songs and use them in-game. P.S. You could also have windows media player support too...
  2. -Origin

    Yep, another question. Media Player this time.

    For some reason, from one day to the next, Windows Media Player stops recognizing my MP3's as media files. I put the "files of type" to all files and there are my music files again. It plays them just fine. But when choosing "all media files", which is default and has been my setting for...
  3. Deman

    Good Media Software with Library Functions.

    So basically I updated winamp after using an old version for a while and it wrecked media library functionality. Apparently there's a crashing bug going on with it, but I've been looking for an excuse to switch Winamp for another media player. Any recommendations?
  4. ciarkol

    [Old PotW] PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building

    <a href="" title="PotW: Goku got Smashed in to the Building - Mod DB" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="PotW: Goku got...
  5. The Deco

    Are there any steam media players?

    Well, I wanted to know if there are any steam media players which I can use from the steam community when you play in a game (you click shift+tab then you get the steam interface where u have a steam browser, ur friends list, community window etc...) I want to be able to activate music from...
  6. M

    Star Trek Online - Media

    <object width="480" height="295"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  7. VideoJinx

    Lets talk about the Main Stream Media
  8. Optimus Prime

    Woah Woah! Mainstream media FINALLY calling out Jack Thompson?

    Was actually a great read.
  9. Zeonix

    Russian Media Controlled by State Rather than say something that could possibly be construed as anti-Russia propaganda, I'll just ask a few questions: 1) Does this worry you? 2) Do you think this could possibly be the beginning of the return of the...
  10. M

    Media = Evil?

    I've noticed a lot of posts, opinions, blogs, etcetera, portray the media as evil and/or the cause of problems. Now, I wish to know whether or not any of you agree or disagree with the media being evil and to state your reasons why.
  11. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Windows media Player screws up your iPod?

    Well, I got this iPod Video 60GB (had it since belgian release), always worked fine on windows with iTunes etc.. Up untill today :/ I was checking a song with Windows Media Player when it hit me that I still had some important stuff on my iPod, so I plug this baby in and all of the sudden WMP...
  12. B

    Post Your Favorite VG Fanboy Media

    :] This is just for laughs, im sure as most of u know, there are console fanboy created images and videos that go around the next all the time (it doesnt matter its valid or not) so post some of your favorite ones u thought were funny. :D
  13. Ravendust

    Windows Media Player 11 Beta Problem

    Since installing the beta of Windows Media Player 11 my system has become borked in many aspects. Windows Media Player refuses to open at all (I rebooted after installation), attempting to watch any streaming video through websites gives me the error message 'Could not create DirectShow player'...
  14. B

    Pre-E3/E3 News, Media, Information, ect

    I see a few threads starting to come around, where people are posting information about news regarding mainly the revolution and it hit me, why not just make a thread where you can post all information that's heading our way about all 3 next generation gaming consoles, including current ones...
  15. Ravendust

    XP: Media Center Edition '05 vs. Professional SP2

    It's come to the point after four years that my family are giving the old computer to charity and buying a brand new machine. We're getting a fairly good deal, but there's one thing holding me back from giving it the all-clear, which is that it comes with a choice of OS's. Windows XP Media...
  16. Rayos

    Windows Media player

    I have been doing music videos for some time but i finally decided to try using an anime for a music video. When i go to import the will import it but if i use a clip and put it to the story line...."Windows movie maker has encountered a problem" that bs error...send or don't send...I...
  17. RavenTrunks

    where can i get Cube media?

    hey i saw somone post it a while back but i couldnt find it in search. its a program that you can listen to audio and watch videos from ps2 games. anyone have any idea where i can get it?
  18. K

    Windows XP Media Center

    Well, i got Windows XP Media Center 2005 edition, but im afraid to install it cause i got a dutch version of it O_o i was wondering if i install it will i beable to change the language of it after words?
  19. T

    Back-Up Media Question

    I hope you guys can help me with a small dillema I have. I currently want to get some dvd-r discs. I will mainly be backing up my ps2 games(yes, I have a chip) and maybe back up some of my movies once in a while. I just can't seem to choose which media to get. I'm having a tough time choosing...
  20. JDeezNutz

    Windows Media Player 10 help

    i downloaded and installed windows media player 10, before i had the beta version, but i noticed after a while, while having the beta version installed, all the videos i viewed and tried to adjust teh brightness, there would be these flicking colours that take up half of the view screen in...