1. ESForever

    DragonBall Maya 3D Animation
  2. Chakra-X


    This is still a work in progress but I am inching to my very first completed model ever! I've been working with Maya 2009 for about a month for my 3D animation class and I have been spending hours and hours making this and learning how it works. 3D is very fascinating. I also looked at...
  3. wheres_

    Maya transform thingo problem.

    I got this weird pinkish outline thing on my transform thingo. Maya 08, how does one get rid of such a feind?
  4. Kaination

    Import HL1 .smd into maya 2008 / 3ds max 9?

    Yeah, I got both programs and I want to do this for animating. I was wondering, how can I import the mesh / skeleton and animate it? Also, what do you prefer to animate with, Maya or 3ds max?
  5. wheres_

    Maya Issue

    In maya2008 perfectly fresh install after a perfectly fresh format- will not render. I am using 3rd party omega GFX drivers, other than that I can't think of anything that would make this happen. I set up the scene perfectly (I know what im doing to an extent) and the render just comes...
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    3dsMax 9 or Maya 8.5

    Which one is better to use? And who knows to make models he should tell us which one is his best model? I'm new with Maya, so nothing from me. lol:talk:
  7. M

    My first model in Maya.

    After more then 2 years of modeling with Wings3D,i was up to something new.I bought this book(Game character development with Maya,by Antony Ward)a year ago and didn't do much with it.Some days ago i decided to give it a try again,and i'm totally loving it.I havent progressed really far but i...
  8. Eclipse

    Max ownz Maya

    In a SHOCKING move today Autodesk (the creators of 3D Studio Max) purchased Alias (the creators of Maya) for $182 million dollars. The news articles are here: I...
  9. C

    Applying More then one skin in Maya 5

    i have made a model in maya and have mapped uvs for the head, upper body and lower body now i wanna skin them. i tried to follow the help and i got it to map the head but i dont know how to map the other parts. maybe a tutorial or something would help cause man i have no clue
  10. crazykorean10

    Maya 6.0 Unlimtited

    I checked the stickies to web for maya's site but no result for Maya 6.0 wondeing if anyone could give me a link of some sort to were i can get it? and another question: can i just dl it, not buy?
  11. D

    Someone can post here one tutorial for maya?

    I´m a noob modeler in Maya, and I want to learn how to do models in it. For this, I need one good and easy tutorial for maya about modeling characters. thks, I hope soon can post my models of dbz. :)
  12. U

    Maya how can I import mdl files

    Please dont close this Thread I am n00b i search help
  13. D


    Alias Systems: Maya Personal Learning Edition 5 Now Available for Free Download TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 15, 2003--Alias Systems, a Silicon Graphics Inc. (NYSE: SGI) company, announced today that the highly anticipated Maya Personal Learning Edition(TM) 5 software is now available for...
  14. Wangster

    maya 5

    hey guys, i got maya 5, and i made my first model without a tut, *model is sponge bob :D* and i want 2 skin it, but i dont know how to make those uv maps or something like that. and when i know that, i still have 2 know the rest that i have 2 do to put a skin on my model. the only thing i know...
  15. D

    Can anyone help me create my first DBZ model?

    At first, I am brazilian, and my english isn´t good. I am a beginner in shape models, and I would like to create my first DBZ model in Maya 4.0. Can you guys help? I´ve read many tutorials, but nothing specific ...
  16. Nuttzy

    Want anime outlines on your models?, nuttzy tells you how,.ITS EASY

    Want anime outlines on your models?, Uncle nuttzy tells you how,.ITS EASY 1st step decompile the model you want to apply the effect to, done? good, now import it now select all the groups and dupicate, scale it the best you can to where the duplication COMPLETELY surrounds the model...
  17. I


    hello, i would like to start doing some wallpaper and cool stuff and i want to know what 3d progs r u useing?
  18. Marauder


    hi guys, i opend this thread to ask u if any of u use Maya...and if u do, i would like to see some work,,thx :)
  19. A

    Which program is best for 3d artork?

    Exactly like the title says. What do you thing the best program to make 3d designs is?:D
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    soon to be the ultimate animation these are my character concepts. its going to be counter strike animation but with alot more action then most cs movies. i made myself a character which is the one on the right. well what u guys think? its all drawin in flash 5