1. sub

    Remember Lagaru? Their making a sequel

    First, for those of you who've never played Lagaru, you should check it out, it's an awesome game. Anyways, there making a sequel for it.
  2. S

    Help with making a server for my friend and me...

    Okay, so my friend and I have had Half-Life sitting around for a while, and we came across this mod. And everything's good, and we really like it, but we want to host our own server that both of us can play on. We've tried with the "Create Server" option, but that doesn't seem to be working...
  3. Skyrider

    Steam European Local Currency, making things more expensive!

  4. ZeroNightmare

    Making Ringtones for your phone.

    Was just curious about how you guys went about getting/making your ring tones. I was just going to try using goldwave to cut the parts I liked and save them as smaller files.
  5. kyogi

    hammer making a sky

    I've recently started mapping and i was wondering how do i make a sky? If you could help that would be great, thanks!:)
  6. Damaera

    Lord Killmore, I'm calling you out! (aka: I suck at making birthday thread titles)

    Not sure if you even read these forums, but happy birthday, buddy!
  7. The Deco

    making a forum in vbulletin is free

    making a forum in vbulletin is free?
  8. vahn9

    you guys making maps

    would you guys who make custom maps please learn how to make a .res file all these custom map packs that need a special wad and you don't even make a .res file its very simple just do this to make life more easy for everyone lets say the wad for example is guru.wad i want you to open notepad...
  9. D

    Making a wish

    hello. as i heard, I need to call the dragon and wish for the moon to transform to ssj4. I transformated to little ssj3 goku, I called the dragon but don't know how to make the wish. there is no menu appearing on my screen, so i guess some keyboard keys should do the job, but don't know which. I...
  10. B

    Making video files smaller

    Alright, so lately, I've been recording a lot of video's in game. I have both GameCam and Fraps retail. However, Fraps gives me a very good quality picture at the expense of a huge file. GameCam is lesser quality but the files are smaller. So I was wondering if there was any good program (free...
  11. elcor

    Making of Frodo

    hello boys here my new work, i am making frodo real painting.i hope you like coment and critic are wellcome: start painting the face starting to paint from highlights to the shades as it helps in maintaining good contrast between light and dark After we finish painting highlights lets...
  12. B

    Iron Man in the making? I'll take 5.
  13. dm250

    making 1.3 like 1.2

    hi all ijsut wanted to know can i make esf 1.3 to be more like 1.2 disable dash.. disable advance melee normal swoop.. disable transformations.. it can be done? cvr or something
  14. The Deco

    Making files a MUST download in my steam server

    Hey, I have a dedicated steam server (ESF), And I want to ask how can I make a file (its a Text Document file, map description) to have-to-download-from-the-server-in-order-to-log-in-to-server file. Like making it download from the server for people who don't have that file. Thank you
  15. SailorAlea

    Ewe Boll will stop making movies if this petition reaches 1,000,000 signitures.

    ( Hilarious. Sign @
  16. C

    making an movie of esf

    hey, i wanne make an little movie or trailer for esf for my friends but my problem is fraps is only 30 seconds and i know there is an option to make an movie in steam but i dont know the commands. could u people maybe tell me what kinda movie maker or record thing i can use for it...
  17. MinioN

    Free website making

    I know few sites for making free own website like or but i was wondering if you maybe know any better site?Maybe with flash tamplates?
  18. T

    Need help for Server making.

    I want to ask you ppl who's know how to make server that the other players will found my server, my friends play with my in my server then when i tell them my IP im making server with HLDS (Half Life Deticated Server) so do someone knows how to make it to seeable to others. plz help :rolleyes:
  19. MinioN

    I am making animation/cartoon.

    The cartoon should be called "Goce & Krume invasion" from my friend's names.I need big help cause i want to make series and i really really need help please.I got inspiration from Animation Invasion.This is my "trailer"
  20. The Deco

    Me and my friends making a tag team style tournament

    Me and my friends making a tag team style tournament and doing some smash and bash Me and 3 more of my friends got today some tag team blood bath, today, and im bringing the videos to you! We just took esf_cell_games map and used the arena to fight tag team style. Rules were: - No...