1. SS4 Gogeta

    SETI Makes Alien Contact?

    I heard about this on the radio program, Coast to Coast AM, last night thought id let you know and get some thoughts. SETI = Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence for those of you dont know :)
  2. M

    What makes a good movie?

    What do you think makes a good movie and why?
  3. Naz

    What?! Naz makes a sig?!

    Once every 3 months is a good pace I'd say ^_^ Everything in there is made by moi Naz
  4. TeKNiK

    Again Tek finally makes a new sig

    don't know if I'm done with this or not yet, but either way it's a new signature from me. Comments?
  5. T

    EVM makes me cry now

    EVM is an awesome mod to the already awesome mod of ESF. This goes with out saying, but straight up the noobs have TOTALLY ruined this game to hell and back. Everytime I go in a server its someone handing out free power lvls or people just flying around looking for Dragonballs. No one wants...
  6. Shinja

    When Silence Makes You Incapable Of Speech
  7. A

    What makes DBGT Suck Compared to DBZ?

    I just wanted to know why everyone hated DBGT so much more then DBZ. I myself really don't hate GT.
  8. Dokutayuu

    Ki makes the difference

    Well... Ki could change how you appear on the scouter radar aswell as pl. The lower the ki you have the smaller you appear on the radar. Another idea I have is power flying not like swooping but you fly fast as swooping but you can't attack while using it. It would look like swooping and...
  9. K

    wow odd things happen when people makes games/mods

    lots of time when there is an update or something like a huge patch or anything small, lots of times, someone important happens to get into an accident, y is this so common for mod/game makers? whats going on? omg they are cursed!!! STAY [email protected] O_O O_O O_O O_O
  10. C

    who makes the best.. Gotenks skin! :O

    Im holding a skinning,, conest.. thingy.. Who makes the best gotenks skin: heres a pic: (The skin on the right is mine, im entering to :O) credits to Nuttzy and gillmore You agree by downloading this model that you will NOT: 1. Compile the model 2. Edit the model, or put any...
  11. Kreshi

    Who makes the best Gogeta- Skin?!

    Hi people!!! I have decided that all which want to skin (you have to skinmap it first^^) my gogeta model can do it! The model is allmost done, only the west is not, but I have thought that I will finish the west after the model is finish skinned! Who wants can finish the west by himself, but i...
  12. Skyrider

    new metamod makes target harder?

    i am not sure about this. but since "thegamezone" server is updated with the new metamod update. its really HARD to target someone. what do you think?
  13. S

    Kid Goku problem!

    Well, i made a Kid Goku and i compiled it to MDL, but when i wanted to play esf, the kid goku's skin had all this weird colors!, does anyone know how to fix this, if i cant fix i wont release the model,if it's fixt...i will release it to day. thnx for helping me out! :) :yes:
  14. T

    First pages of my manga

    Hey, inspired by the works of David (DBNG) I' have started a fanmanga aswell and I have allready uploaded a couple pages (don't have a cover yet, If you have an idea for a cover just post it) So take a look and I would like to know what you think of it. But please don't tell me that I'm no...
  15. L

    got links for a butt load of models

    if so hopefully u know were to put im
  16. L

    how to model

    i dont know how to make model/skin plz help
  17. Suh Dude

    More Edits!!!

    Azn,Ss_vegeta,Mastasurf azn sbolt
  18. H

    Glowing Smo SSJ2 Goku

    Heres an edit I made a while back.. complete with glowyness... A few people wanted me to edit my SSJ2 Goku from a while back. Said the hair was messed up. So here it is: <BR><IMG SRC=""><BR> Hope you like. Credits go to Smo for making the...
  19. S!

    does anyone no how many vertices or pollý´s or whatever a half-life model can have maximum, cause i made a model and it sez `` ERROR ``To many vertices`` please help, thnx already greatings: Ran-D
  20. SailorAlea

    Kaioshin/SupremeKai Model

    I was wondering if anyone has a model for Kaioshin(Supreme Kai in the dub), and a soundpack to go along with it? I searched GSF and Redsaiyan, but couldn't find any.. I didn't put this in the 'request for model to be made' folder, because I'm asking if one already exists. Much thanks..