1. Baaja

    What makes a HL mod server lag free? (e.g. ESF Final + NNK)

    Hi I will be moving in to a new apartment which I will share with my girlfriend. As we will have a good connection provided by the housing cooperative, and I will have a spare laptop without a screen doing nothing at all. I was thinking of starting an NNK/ESF server with pretty good uptime...
  2. DarktoothDKD


    Hey everybody! For the past month whilst working on ESF, Tenken and I have been working on another project for the Android phone! And this is our very first game and we are looking for your support, comments, anything to help us make you guys more awesome games! Our first game is called, The...
  3. Skyrider

    Dying in Diablo II multiplayer makes you lose skills?

    I was playing alone today (Diablo II LOD) to gain some levels in multiplayer. I was at level 4 and I died because I wasn't paying attention to my health points. I lost all my money, weapons and Armour.. Find, I can deal with that. But I also lost my fireball skill (I am a sorcerer).. Is this...
  4. Vegeta

    "It's Over Nine Thousand!!" makes its way into the World of Warcraft, now.. Anyone else know about this? I am yet to earn this achievement myself. I didn't even know it existed. Frickin' hilarious.. Seems as though fans of this meme were even able to get Oprah Winfrey to say "Over 9,000" on national...
  5. !!springbreaktexas

    Obama Makes Appearance in 1993 Music Video Whoomp there it is with Tag Team

    This is definitely serious, i saw the video on youtube its hilarious just go to YouTube and search for "Whoomp there it is Tag Team" and you will see the music video. Obama looks young, he is the guy playing dominoes and talking on the Huge cell phone about a minute into the video.... ROFLMAO...
  6. Full_Power_Explodes

    Dragonball Z Sagas style Transformations

    In the Dragonball Z Sagas game transformations are easy to earn but difficult to maintain. I think that'd fit well with esf. Transformations are dependent upon a transformation bar. While in normal form this bar is filled by using melee attacks. The more damage that the melee attack does the...
  7. Pain

    Halo 3 makes kids think death's not real,0,644171.story
  8. Spunky

    Cadbury Advertisement (that makes no sense)

    The video thread seems to have disappeared. Sky's handy work, I assume. :P <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  9. Damaera

    Finally! Mass Effect 2 makes its first appearance in March! This is fantastic, I can't wait.
  10. The Deco

    What makes a server...?

    What makes a server to perform better in term of lags and more slots for players, in a HL dedicated server that is. Like I want a server with about 15 players, what level of PC I need to be able to get this much players without performance disturbance?
  11. LionHeart

    What makes counter strike so famous/adictive ?

    I've got like 100 answers but each can be proven wrong I belive, what do you think?
  12. liad

    ki blasts/blobs makes the game crash?

    okay i was playing with the latest update and on the map esf_budokai so i was shooting some ki blasts(with the right click if that matters ) anyway it seems that after shooting a certain number of ki blasts or dieing from a ki blob my game seems to get stuck for a second and then crash to...
  13. NightShade

    Solar flare makes you immune to damage.

    If you get solar flared you take no damage at all when blind.
  14. Sandstorm

    It all suddenly makes sense...

    So that's what's going on...
  15. M

    What Makes a Good Fighting Game

    What do you guys think makes a good fighting game? Is it a deep story-line? Large selection of fighting styles? Complete customization? What?
  16. ~*Logan*~

    Sony makes it hader to go on car trips

    **** you, Slimline! I'm trying to find a DC adapter for my old fashioned style PS2. All the pieces are in place. I found a nice, high quality pull-down LCD TV screen with A/V capabilities for my PS2 (or any game system for that matter) to plug into. Now, all I need is a PS2 adapter to plug into...
  17. M

    Just Makes You Think

    Yesterday night, someone from my school was shot and died later in a hospital. They found one person who was suspected of being involved in the shooting... to my shock just a few minutes ago... I knew who both of them were. Earlier I couldn't match a face with the names, but looking at some news...
  18. M

    What Makes a Good Map?

    What's everyones thoughts on what makes a good map for ESF? Is it the detail, textures, sounds, things you can do, originality, what?