1. Deman

    Enlisting a sig maker

    Who all is still active these days? I have a couple of reasons to ask. First I want to update the sig maker list and I've got a small project(anime sig/ava combo) I require a maker for.
  2. M

    Windows Movie Maker Error

    When I'm inserting clips into the Timeline, Windows Movie Maker randomly closes without warning. It happens randomly.
  3. G

    Windows Movie Maker

    Hey How do i Change the File Format Into AVI or somthing ??? i wanted to post in on youtube any help Thanks
  4. MinioN

    RPG maker XP 2

    OK sorry for warez on the other thread.Can someone who have this program to help me.Someone know how can i make the playtest window bigger?
  5. MinioN

    RPG maker XP

    it was long time ago when i downloaded this small program(30 MB) and i made 2 games very easy.You need to "pay" to have it full but i finnaly find something like crack and now i have it for free.I lose my games but i will make new one and i will post them here. So in this thread post your...
  6. KidMan

    Windows Movie Maker - Anything Better?

    Windows Movie Maker keeps crapping out on me every time I try to split a clip. So now I ask you guys, is there anything better for video editing other then Windows Movie Maker? I only have access to my PC, so Mac or Linux is out of the question.
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    Recommend me an AMV Maker.

    I've been using Honestech Video Editor up until now, but it has a very annoying watermark that I can't get rid of even with fully registering. So which one do you use?
  8. veqeta

    Windows Movie Maker Is a Real .... to me, i need some help :S

    Hey i'm having problems with windows movie maker, whenever i try to trim clips it becomes "not responding" and freezes up and i have to close it with the don't send, send window. Apparently i'm not the only one with that problem i have a friend who says he has the same problem too, so i there a...
  9. dan_esf_fanatic

    Recommend me a good AMV Maker.

    I currently use Honestech Video Editor but it's not much. I need a better one, and don't want to buy Adobe Premiere. So which one do you use?
  10. elNarr

    best anime song maker?

    i have 4 favorites: Shiro yagisu - makes for bleach toshiro masuda - makes naruto Hironobu kageyama - Makes Jap. Dbz (not the trumpet songs!) Bruce Faulconer - Makes Eng. Dbz
  11. webber

    F_____G Windows Movie Maker

    Well i used the movie maker for, uhmm, making movies, especialy DBZ Videos(mybe i'll post some on YouTube), but recently i got myself XP SP2 and of course the new Movie maker. The thing is it doesn't work now, i mean it doesn't play the timeline, but if i play a clip in movie maker (not in the...
  12. W


    have someone tuts for that app,? i dont find someone by google, plz help
  13. Jakut

    Newb sig maker.

    So i only started to research yesterday and this is what i made so far And my current sig as you can see below. I need crits and advices.
  14. Green Wolfos

    Game Maker?

    Hello. Does anyone have Game Maker? If so then could you help me find a platformer tutorial for it please? Thanks in advance!

    New sig maker

    Yeah, I used to be here awhile ago. No, I didnt have photoshop back then. Yes, I was really stupid back then. And yes, I realize part of the bottom outline is missing. I spent so much time cutting and pasting I really cant be bothered to edit it. And, this isnt my most recent sig. I have gone...
  16. N

    map maker?

    Hello. What map making tool did the ESF team use to make their maps?
  17. M

    I am a sig maker

    Make youre reqeusts here,aand chalenge me in fightclub!
  18. L

    The Movie Maker 1.1

    Omg hib told me to make a movie video so i did.. here it is.. what u think?
  19. @lv/n

    I need an ESF model maker (or editor) and a tutorial...

    Hi! I'm always watching what's going on in this section and I saw how awesome that megaman.exe model was and I want to make a model of another thing on my own, so pls tell me a program to use to make or edit models and a tutorial of the program... Hope you can help me...
  20. H

    Need a map maker

    Hey me and my clan just made "ESF football" and i was wondering if there are any map makers that could make me a foot ball field map
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