1. DJ-Ready

    Maps maps maps maps maps...

    New maps r out.... esf_s2k_djready_simplearena_day esf_triforce_beta (by [-=S2k=-][email protected]) and s2k_brainbug_alpha (by Kurt and me) screenies will come in a lil...but you can download it now *hehe* (notice: if doesn´t work, try
  2. S

    beby Vegeta :: Reskinned

    took me 7 min or less.. Not that good but if someone wants it it will be available on mah site. I'll give the link later cuz for now the Download server is down.
  3. S

    Cyborg Vegeta

    Well cyborg vegeta never appeared in the show m but he did in mah mind, so i thought it was a good idea so here it is. Dont be too hard on me it only took me 5 min to skin lol Hope you like and if you want to download it it will be on mah site when mah downbload server comes back online.
  4. DJ-Ready

    esf_s2k_djready_bunker_alpha is ready to download

    hehe.... a new map is done... and its called esf_s2k_djready_bunker_alpha here r some screenies
  5. Z


    hmmmmm Well i cant find any good maps REALLY GOOD!! like i want some new maps ive already got about 20 maps! so anybody who can tell me where to find some new maps Really big,cool,very cool maps????? SDBZ maps RULEZ!!! check...
  6. M

    I'm totally new to Skinning

    Hey i dont know any thing about skinning or modelling or any of that **** but i'd like to learn, is ther any type of knowledge or any thign that i should learn before i even learn how to skin/modell or w/e and if so can u pls send me links or tell me a subject i msut learn before modelling.:tired:
  7. xstortionist

    Brolli Model Beta 1.0

    heres my brolli model I started yesterday...I'm working on his robe around his waste right now, and will probably finish his head tomorrow. Just thought I would give yall a little peek at him.
  8. fatmanterror

    hey look a good ssj3 goku for once

    hey everybody, this isnt as good as ss_vegetas ssj3 of course but this is based off -DBZ- Piccolos model edit, i only remapped the face and redid the hair a LITTLE but other than that dont say anything about it because im giving him all the credit. and sorry but i swore to keep this in my...
  9. DJ-Ready

    new maps over and over again...

    Once again a new map made by me... esf_s2k_djready_kamehouse_alpha..... it plays on the island from muten roshi / kame screenshots: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so, check out the shots and download it!
  10. MONXver1.5

    Its amazing. Made it myself.

    I know, I know,it sucks, but no one hasn't posted anything in like weeks.
  11. Akhkaru

    Mah NEW sig

    Ok, I was havin fun, and was also bored, so I made me a new sig, wanna see it, click here