1. S

    mapper seaking job?

    Hey is there like a team of mapping i could try out for? or something
  2. dudeman

    USSJ Trunks

    hey all, this is the stuff i make when im bored... i draw it myself and color it on mah comp. comments? anyone? o_o
  3. Hsu

    Work in progress

    This is just something i have been working on during english class. It's nothing special but i am proud of it. I just have to finish the legs and maybe a backgroung. P.S. it is suppose to be a zombie.
  4. I

    [email protected] [email protected]€

    here is my raditz update!
  5. I

    Goten!!!!...a fusion member^_^ check it out..and don't be lasy.... and here a flatshaded pic (when he wasn't finished
  6. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Photoshop special TEXT!!!!!

    I was just wondering how the hell the guys using photoshop , making those specially text tipes , like SPIN , look at the Banner on the banner is made with photoshop i think , but what about the text? I can only write with text tipes like "Times new Roman" or soething ...
  7. thor


    Could someone tell me how to make them i know spin has made some and i would like to make some but have no idea how. so if some one nows please tell me. ps. and what do i need?
  8. GhostfaceKillah

    One thing I like about DMZ...

    * i think the esf maps are better becuase i dont knbow how to STFU and be polite and respectful
  9. I

    Trunks saiyan armor

    here gimme some comments
  10. S

    Can someone email me there skins that thy have for esf or dmz

    i have a webpage up and i need skins and maps to put on my downloads page my webpage address is: my email address is: [email protected] Please post them or email me them if u can
  11. M

    You asked for it and here it is 4 Hours later!

    Ok I spent about 4 hours today on making a SSJ3 Goku which was requested by a couple of the Forum members. Its 988 Polys (pretty good gues huh?), they only critt I can see that I will be getting is that the hair might not be long enough for some people but I've only used 1 picture as reference...
  12. S

    Piccolo wip

    awesome model i hope a talented skinner will skin it.. and i want ti for mah site lol...
  13. Big Bang Attack

    Where Do You Get please read

    Where do you get your pics for sig people out there who do then i just want to know so i can do some work on them thanks
  14. S

    Metro-Tek Bebi Vegeta

    Dude your post got deleted... Where is it,, did you finished the model?
  15. S

    mah suggestion for esf.

    ok here are mah suggestions there are alot, and for all those lil spammer dont post in her. First of all the spirit bomb. You should be able to charge the spirit bomb another way, you know when goku and vegeta first fought, goku had the energy in the hands and after krillin made the ball...
  16. A

    The Models are very awful!!!!

    Can someone make other skins? Ok,the models of Son-Goku and Vegeta are good but when i see trunks,i think this are a old man But the effects and maps are really good
  17. MrMasj


    Hi every one the lastest news from me and the Esf_tournament Date 10 / April 2002 <--[News]--> <--[Some error textures is fixed]--> <--[fixed then the old wad file will not work any longer]--> <--[Two new textures is added]--> <--[The sky is in the first alpha stade and it looks better...
  18. T

    Faces model skinned by metro-tek(W.I.P.)

    here take a look so far tell me what you think
  19. T

    Does any1 hav a...

    Vegeto model (i know thats not how u spell it but hey) thats takes over vegita or goku caus i lov mr fusion. my email is [email protected] so please send me a model of vegeto. thanx.
  20. Akira714

    "Red sayjin"

    Well, this is a DMZ skin, BUT.... I was bored so I skined one of the "red sayjins" that Spin has all over his site. Anyways since SPIN moderates on this fourm, and that the DMZ and his fourms are down, this would be the place to post this, also becuase Pcjoe likes to critisise my skinning ;)...