1. jp

    Problem with mah Acer Aspire 7720.

    Hey fellows, been a while since I posted in this section, can't ever remember that I did. About a year ago I bought this Acer Aspire 7720, it was cheap, about 650 euro's and it had a lot of power for its money. It came with Windows Vista preloaded, along with a recovery partition + utility...
  2. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Mah new Jazzmaster :O

    As said earlier in the santa thread, I got an olympic white Japanese Jazzmaster for Christmas (well, actually New Year), and it's made of pure win. Most of you will probably hate this guitar for multiple reasons (oddly shaped body, silly bridge, made by Fender (looking at you Lee!)), but I...
  3. kaiz0ku

    Mah new Hitman signaturz.

    I'm kinda hitman fan so I had to make signature about it. :E Give some comments pls. :>
  4. F


    I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I got a car!! I...
  5. Ravendust


    Once a week or so I check the ModDB sites of the mods i'm watching, ESF being one of them. This week I noticed something had changed... Explaination?
  6. bapplebo

    Mah first animated siggy ^_^.

    Should I use it? This was because I can't be bothered to beat the 2nd boss in Ninja Gaiden (beat him now when I finished it).
  7. Suh Dude

    Mah eye!

  8. I

    mah new song Check it out Written By: Me Vocals By: Me Instrumental by: BFR Recordings
  9. Rocky

    Mah new siggeh

    What do ya'll think? I'll get rid of my old one after I make an avatar.
  10. I

    SEX MAH!!!!

    mah new sig tankx to da supah dupah goten-sennin! him is teh great! critz if joo wanna but diz am teh finished siggeh fo me! he had me take pictahz to strut mah stuff! him am teh goodeh! It am in mah sig if joo wondewin where it is =O VOTE ME FOR GAVNAH!!!
  11. Chosen Saiyan

    mah new sig

    just take a look
  12. P

    mah new siggy

    my new invader zim sig do you like itt? and i got another sig to add so any comments? and thanks dtj :devgrin: *EDIT* just got my new gir siggy too thanks alots amitron :devgrin: :devgrin: :devgrin:
  13. P

    Mah new siggy

    Man i just got this tight arse new sig from nadz comments/ crits? :talk:
  14. Wangster


    well, since i got my new weed tree, ( made topic in offtopic ) i made a lil pic about weed, not done yet, wat ya'll think? Pic removed by Wangster, *dunno if i can post it, any mods/admins that can give me permission?*
  15. F

    Mah SIG

    I just learned photoshop, this is my second sig in photoshop. Tell me what ya think.
  16. G

    Frieza Form 4

    Im making a frieza form four for esf. The model is almost finished I just have to fix the head from the side. Im going to try and skin it but ill probably fai,l so if you think you can skin it then pm me in a couple days if I don't post a skinned pic. Heres a pic
  17. S

    mah first sig's

    here are some of my first sig's and i'll post more later:p
  18. K

    Hows mah new sig?

    Any one like? Edit: I was wonderin, how do u do rounded edges on a sig, like make corners transparent? I have tried but i have to turn it to Gif and then it looks bad at 256 colors. Any one help?
  19. D

    mah siggy

    Definatly not my best work, but i figured, hey its Christmas Eve, Time for a sig. so i came up with this... (It was like a 5-15 min job lol (not including cutting the gogeta image out :P) I know. It kinda sucks. But some crits would be nice :) [Edit: Made a few slight changes :P]
  20. owa


    Hey, I made a new sig, I was trying somthing with Blending sense I heard how in one of Spits or Judges posts... forget which person but anyways. I might use it... Please vote and give me some Crits or comments.