1. Sicron

    Need some Illustrator help; going mad here!

    Hey guys, I'm trying out some things in Illustrator, and I just can't get it right. There is probably a really easy solution to this, but I have been at it for quite some while now and I can't seem to fix this. Basicaly, I am trying to join 2 lines, but it just keeps getting messed up: The 2...
  2. Killface

    It's a mad world Kain... =P

    Yea im watching your piano recital lol Happy birthday bro.
  3. finalblast

    Gohan Gone Mad!

    Watchz0r3 ,I made this one lol :p
  4. vinay87

    Mr Popo will be really mad at me now....

    lol, I blew the time chamber up! What was the point of making the top of the timechamber destructible? lol. Or isnt the map 1.2.3/ECX compatible? Hmmm
  5. J

    i mad some esf movies

    these movies are about goku's transformations well enjoy[url=";5048202;;/fileinfo.html"]
  6. Gohan Ssj

    Mad Tv - Lost

    Something crazyyyy!!!
  7. Gohan Ssj

    Mad TV - Lord Of The Rings

    Also crazy.. reallly funny! (Hope this one will work bhaa)
  8. jp

    Mad drawing (WIP)

    Its a Wip, Just coz the anime comes out soon.
  9. J

    Mad Guitar H@x (Video Release)

    gonna do a new guitar video, but i cant think what to play... any suggestions?
  10. MysticVegeta

    Mad as a mutha****er

    This really sucks. I have original cd-key . I always played esf on won but now i need to switch to steam . but when i want to use my cd key its says that its already used. and now i cant play esf anymore. that ****ing sucks. Does somebody now what i can do? :\
  11. Cold Steel

    The world has gone mad.... i started modelling.

    Allrighty, this is my very first attempt at modelling, so go easy on me. Oh, and I just found out what backfaces are, they suck... so ignore them. Front and Side view.
  12. K

    Crazy sig mad by me :)

    best sig i ever made. tell me what you think so i can do some adjusting maybe
  13. S

    Im mad >.<

    Man I just downloaded ESF and when I click the console icon it says my video format is not the right one. Does anybody know what to do?
  14. CS-LAND

    Incredible powerup when you are mad!

    Well, I suggest that all characters can get this super powerup. You can use it only once per life (that's 100hp). My idea is a new powerup method, except the current one, that will increase your ki verry high and boost your speed, but you will also loose hp at the same time. In the series this...
  15. Luca Blight

    Now I'm MAD

    This makes 8 times I've downloaded ESF from and everytime so far one of the files has been corrupted. If someone has a lan/cable connection and is willing to sit and wait a few minutes,PM with your msn addi and please send it to me. TY
  16. S

    Extremely Mad

    Hey, I installed the new bots but never used them so I uninstalled them. My AMX still doesn't ****n work. I'm getting so extremely pissed, I've done everything from just deleting the addons file. Can someone please help me fix this? Edit, I'm reinstalling esf right now so I'll check back in.
  17. Zephon


  18. Goten-son

    OPS getting mad over nothing?

    well ive noticed a few times that OPs get mad when people post on a "dead topic". BUT i also see them get mad when someone makes a topic that has already been made but dead and they tell them to use the search button to post...come on guys make up your minds do you want us to post on a "dead...
  19. J

    should I make a chibi trunks?

    I've searched 4 a released chibi trunks (can't really find one) I'm asking to release it if you've made one....or show it if you've already done that also, I'm making one myself, but I'm the worst modeling n00b so it probably won't get very far :cry: maybe some1 else can try too? FOR THE...
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