1. S

    Ace Files!

    Ive downloaded a few models in ace format how do i extract the models then? i only have winzip where can i download a unpacking program that can unpack ace files?
  2. Skinnerfool

    My Version of the trunks hair in black suit

    CLICK HERE Credits ----------- Man im tired goiving out credtis i'll edit my post later
  3. B

    New Bardock

    here my new Bardock i think it Burns !!!! What think you???? He is with a new face from me and new scouter
  4. C

    Gohan Model

    http://filedb.redsaiyan.net/filedb.php?action=file&id=168 when ever someone downloads this model it freezes their game well it froze mine when i downloaded and its says there s a readme.txt file in the zip file but there isn't so can u stop the game from freezing after u downloaded the model
  5. S

    plzzz help me i need a new sound file for esf!

    can any one send me the sound file for esf because my cuz downloaded a bebi vagita and it came with a sound file which hereplaced the old one with and now vagita talks in japanise can any one help me out?? thx
  6. RedSaiya

    Photoshop help

    Someone can help me in photoshop?? i need the plug-in//filter ;; photospray in <b>FREE</> someone know from where can i download it??
  7. G

    hmmm prom again

    So this goes to everyone who has expirience with milkshape and 3dsmax r5: i've got a big prom with exporting my models to smd format (wanna use them in esf and other mods) 'cause 3dsmax5 semms to be incomatible with ms and so i get a lot of vertices when i import my models into ms. i've tried...
  8. S

    I just downloaded a vaggito model

    i just downloaded a vaggito model.. but i dont no where to place it because i have i have cahnged goku and vageta and i dont whant to change those so where can i place him??:cry:
  9. S

    photoshop question

    my brother recently got photoshop 7, and so i decided that i might as well start using it so i did, now after 2 weeks of using it, i got to blending options (aka little F button) and photoshop freezes, i've ran norton, checked to see if it was low on ram, i havent downloaded any fonts yet so if...
  10. Hash

    Where do I put downloaded photoshop fonts?

    I know i probably sound like an idiot. But I just downloaded some fonts for photoshop 7.0, and i dont know where to put them. If someone could help me out. I would really apreciate it.
  11. A

    how do i make a milkshape file a mdl file

    i have made a model that i will post here, but i need to know how i export it as a mdl file for the game? plz help me thanks you
  12. A

    ssj4 goku

    can somebody give me please a link from where i can download a good ssj4 from GOKU, for the game esf beta 1.1, thank you
  13. Majin Saiyajin

    Not again!... ape_foreshadow.res fix...

    Well i messed up again... sorry... o_o For those of you that have downloaded my ape_foreshadow map you will need to get the right .res file.... cause the other one has the wrong map name in it... just replace the old ape_foreshadow.res file with this one. Right Click & Save Target As...
  14. D

    how do i use the ssjgohon skin?

    i down loaded the skin ssjgohan.zip and saved it to disk. now i haven't done this sort of thing before and dont no how to uncompress the thing or where to put it and some one please help me, and is the skin for alpha cus thats what i use
  15. -Dark Shadow-

    Help me!!! I really need help!

    ok i made this ssj2 goku and tried to test it i got it as a mdl file and then put it in the right folder and when i loaded the game up then chose my chracter goku and then it just says like mod_brush then says my file of my model then says the version number like 846431343 something like that...
  16. P

    An interesting idea

    Look, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but what if...what if...there was an Oozaru transformation for sertain character modles egh? Like if the game get a Bardok model his transformation doesn't turn him into a SSJ, but into an Oozaru. Of course some adjustments will have to be made...
  17. S

    DakD please read

    i have downloaded your ssj3 goku but when i put it in to the game and i transform with goku he became huge like a giant how can i fix this ?:S
  18. K

    2 questions

    1 could someone give me a link to normal bebi vegeta not super sayin and 2 this is off topic sorry but i downloaded a clip at my cousins house and it was ssj radits was when the demon jeneba resserwcted all the bad guy cause ive seen that movie and i dont remember seing that
  19. A

    A Brolly model

    Hi i have found a broly modell its lokks like good but have damn animations! Somebody take it and make a good modell please :) http://home.arcor.de/andman2u3/
  20. [RAW]Fusion

    How do you add a custom sky?

    i downloaded a skybox file called skybox.bb and i was wondering where i place the file? i found in hammer it just says 'enviromentmap cl_skyname' and then a box and i was wondering does the file i mentioned go in C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\esf\gfx\env because there are no files of that type in there...