1. I

    1.0 models need to be reanimated for 1.1

    Yes, its true, basically you need to reanimate your 1.0 models or it'll look aucward. I've replaced all the models in 1.1 with the 1.0 i downloaded and they all have aucward animations
  2. TwisteR

    i need the 1.1 vegeta

    if there is anybody that had successfully downloaded esf beta 1.1, can you send the vegeta my way? i was editing, then saved without backing up. i would appreciate it if someone helped. and no im not gonna reinstall it. ive had ecough problems today. [email protected]
  3. G

    Need Help With Bryce

    Mmkay I have bryce now and loaded it up for the first time. I'm looking for someone that can help me with the first steps of Bryce. If you know it well and wanna help please do. Contact me by MSN: [email protected]
  4. M

    New Model , How to use it?

    I had just downloaded a new model and the site said that there was suppose to be a README.TXT file in the DLed ZIP file Well , there was not! none so please guide me and tell me where exactly each and every filetype should I put? I really dont want to take an unsure risk cause the last...
  5. Eider

    female model

    Hello y'all, I was just wondering if sbd has a female model with animations which I can (re)skin with photoshop, i'll give u credit when i release it :p u can send it to [email protected] or [email protected] PS: this is a request sorreh bout that, but I finish the skin, I ll post it...
  6. D

    request : models

    DaKD if you read this could you send me your models which are on your site but which can´t be downloaded ? thx [email protected] ( couldn´t send him a private message because his box is full :( )
  7. JDeezNutz

    trunks model for 1.1

    will they still have that ****ty trunks hair that they used in 1.0? that hair is nothing like trunk's hair, i recon you should use one of the bojack trunks models for trunks in 1.1
  8. JDeezNutz

    BoJack Trunks problem

    i downloaded a bojacks trunks model, normal and ssj, i viewed them in HL viewer, i put them in the right trunks folder and everytime i play the game and choose trunks, i see a goku model *default model* shall i rename the to bojack files to trunks and ssjtrunks? if anybody know what is wrong...
  9. S


    hi again. I just wanted to say that my second map is ready. you can donload it on our page. -=[AFC]=- herer some screenshots: klick on them to make it larger^^ <img border=0 src="http://www.animefreak-clan.com/maps/afc_budokai/d_1.jpg" width=100 height=75> <img border=0...
  10. Marauder

    Bryce 5\3dsm 4.2 probs

    hey guys, i got both Programs, and when i try and Setup up them(by Pressing setup),my pc thinks for 5 secs or so, and then does nothing, this happen to anyone? and if som, what did u do O_o?
  11. S

    Model & Skin Tutorials & Guides

    Hey Guys, I need Model Tutorials & Guides for my new ESF Model Web-site, the web-site will contain everything from models & skins to Tutorials & guides but I've downloaded a *.pdf file (54 MB) which I can not convert to txt or html... I'd like to ask all of you to send in your tutorials &...
  12. SSjGohan12345

    maps in esf1.1

    Will there be any new esf maps in the esf 1.1 or do i have to contine downloading them from redsaiyan where i find they crash on me.
  13. S

    Freiza saga goku?

    hi there i have a request for u modelers out there ive downloaded the bd ssj3 goku that dakd made and now to the request. the normal bd goku form in that model that came from soccer,s ussj pack cant someone of u guys do a ssj version of that model like the battle with frieza on namek? p.s i...
  14. Mystacx

    Help Me With Milkshape!!

    people i need your help: i have downloaded milkshape and install goes just fine. but when i run it it lockes up why is this???? im using windows XP proffesional! Please help me out!
  15. F

    new crosshair model

    I dont know if this thread belongs here or not so ill just post it here i want to extract a sprite i downloaded from redsaiyan but it says in winrar and winace its currupt. can someone give me the sprite itself cause my winrar and winace dont work.
  16. S

    hey cheak these sprites i have edtored

    i have done some edits of some sprites ! take a look! *edit* dam i carnt get my pictures loaded up from my comp i will try again later
  17. M

    whats an ace file?

    i downloaded a model for vegetto but its an ace file what is an ace file? where do u put the ace file? isnt it supposed to be a .spr or .mdl?
  18. D

    Converting crosshairs?

    how would i convert a crosshair from another game to esf? any1 know?
  19. K

    Assistance w/ New Krillin Model

    I'm trying to place a new krillin model in my ESF, because I like krillin's attacks but don't like krillin. My only problem is the destructo disk always appears right in the middle of the model(instead of a few inches above his hand). I downloaded a Goten model, who is smaller the krillin and...
  20. S

    A Mystic Gohan????

    Ok u guys know where to find a good mystic gohan (not wounded) ?please reply ive been searching for one a long time now!