1. Kalle

    Can't load maps!

    When I klick at "Multiplayer/Lan-Game/Create Game" there are all maps but never my self created maps! ;( I've looked around in the other threads and I've tryed everything (now I've got my "Map1"(it's for practis) 12 times with several "version" some are called Map1.map, Map1.bsp,...) And I've...
  2. S

    Host_init: couldnt load gfx/palette.lmp < Pls hlp!

    I reinstalled my half life and esf alpha 2.0 and now this error bugg me... I just installed Half-Life, the hl 1.10 update and then esf 2.0... Host_init: couldnt load gfx/palette.lmp anyone know a solution? 8[
  3. M

    Could not load library client.dll! grr.

    Hello i just finished install esf to find out that it wasn't going to work. the error message said "Could not load library C:/Sierra/Counter-Strike/Esf/cl_dll/client" and then it crashed. Could someone help me please?
  4. S

    cant load [email protected]

    wen i run esf v1.1 in steam its says cant load [email protected] in fmod.dll and i downloaded steam version and fmod fix but they dont work how the hell do i fix it??
  5. D

    i can not load esf

    right my 2nd proplem is mi icon for esf has gone walkies i have tryed to look 4 it but can not find it ow can i load esf with out the icon?????? or maybe make a new icon
  6. M

    won't load

    says could not load C: \sierra\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls\client.dll what do i do
  7. M

    could not load DLL file.

    :notice: when i run this mod in join or create game. i alway got error message look like could not load ....\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll how can i do :confused: anyone can help me ? thank :scared:
  8. H

    'could not load from library'

    just installed esf, but if I try to connect to a server, it stops and a message box appears saying something like 'could not load from library .../Half-Life/esf/cl_dll/client.dll' but this dll does exist what should I do?
  9. Suh Dude

    Lock and Load baby.....

  10. U

    ServerDoc Problem-- Failed to load gfx.wad

    Well, in all the months I had the SL server running, I never got this error. I am now using a new machine for the server and I have taken all the steps in installing adminmod and amx. I am using ServerDoc to loop the server if it happens to crash. However when I initialize ServerDoc with the...
  11. ssjFajita

    Map won't load.....

    I downloaded a map from ESF-world called esf_hills.rar and when I try to play on it, it doesn't show up on my map selection screen. What is the problem?
  12. H

    Could not load libarary client.dll

    i suppose the topic says it all i have this problem i tryed this trick http://www.esforces.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=136 dosen`t work... i don`t know what to do so i hope somone does .. håkon
  13. X

    Every time i try to load it the internet disconnects and stops loading!plz help...

    Plz help me!I've have been trying for so long and i love this game!Also my computer is a windows millenium just to tell you.
  14. Tgr-Nomiss

    Error : w_loadwadfile : couldn't load gfx.wad

    Dear..... When i want to create a lan game where i can play or fun or train with bots.. i select a normal map from the list and when i click on done.. It crashes and gives me this Error : w_loadwadfile : couldn't load gfx.wad I'm a newbie so don't know what to do? but am i missing something...
  15. 7

    crash directly after load screen

    Hey guys! Thanks for taking a look. ESF crashes just as the load screen starts moving out of the way (the console screen just before you enter the game). The error message is a General Protection Fault. My HL version is 1110, and it's the 1.1 version of ESF. I tried reinstalling with...
  16. nemecj05


  17. B

    from where i can download models?

    plz help me www.redsaiyan.net/ is down and i want to download gotenks pack and brolly model and adult gohan plz help me :\
  18. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  19. L

    only if u mapper or can help

    hello......well i was wondering if u could make a budokai map for version 1.1 there might be one but everywere i download it it says wrong version so sry for the request post but ive looked everywer but no one has it so or if u just have a hyper link that would be cool
  20. L

    any maps to give

    if u have maps give me the shortcut to download them thanks u know were to put shortcut i hope see ya thanks