1. L

    esf 1.2.2 crashes on load!

    somw bug fix im getting a crash on xp sp2 whenever i try joing a server yes its marked 1.2.2 its not a old server. i get a visual basic crash when i try to join a server. hl.exe crashes.
  2. jeero

    Wont load ESF

    I have a valid version of half life and steam installed, plus the latest version of ESF. I load esforces with the command: D:\Half-Life\hl.exe -steam -game esf So now if i open ESF (the file with the command above) it just opens half life.
  3. L

    game wont load

    When i click the shortcut to open the game it loads the background and plays the music but none of the buttons show up. Im using Steam to play it. The game loaded the first time but after that it wont load anymore.
  4. A

    esf alpha 2.0 could not load cl_dlls

    i have esf alpha 2.0, but it doesn't start because it cannot load cl_dlls?
  5. G

    i keep geting load library error

    Question: Whenever I try to launch ESF I get "could not load library ...\half-life\esf\client.dll" can u plz gave me the step by step on how to do this cause the last thread that had it show how to do it but i didnt understand.
  6. J

    "cant load libary-cl_dll/client.dll Help..pls

    when i load the game with the bots and all then when i load the map it says- can not load libary-cl_dll/client.dll i need help :confused:
  7. D

    half life load up?????help plz

    hi guys i need mega help when ever i TRY to play ESF it loads up as half life well u no when u play half life u get the load up thing when u get the guy with the red thing in his eye and then when i got to filter its like only got half life and 2 other mods on there ????? plz help and it says i...
  8. StealthKiller

    the could not load library problem again...

    I click on the game to play and it shows the could not load library ect. bug, i tried downloading that thingamajig but it didn't work, i need help :(
  9. J

    The amazing load of crap people have on their pc

    Hey, was wondering how many crap you guys got running on the background. show your processes! 13 \o/
  10. C

    Couldnt Load Tracker

    i met a problem was COULDNT LOAD TRACKER so , when i playing esf few secound the music and character voice will vanished .
  11. Z

    Could not load library

    When it try to make a game this message shows up: "Could not load library C:\SIERRA\half-life\MORBIDPR\cl_dlls\client.dll" and then i return to the internet play screen or Lan play screen depending on if i'm playing on Internet or Lan. But this happend on two games ESF and Morbid...
  12. M

    Can't load library.

    Every time i try to load up the ESF mod, it gives me this error: could not load library c:\valve\steam\steamapps\<my-email>\half-life\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll Can someone help me with this problem on getting it to work?
  13. T

    Cannot load cl_dlls/client.dll

    Error, crashes me to the desk top. Had it before and fixed it, but after the re-install it's being picky I suppose. Idea's on how to fix it?
  14. I


    HELP I CANT GET ESF TO WORK IT SAYS COULD NOT LOAD LIBRARY i really want to play this game can any one help me email me at [email protected] or my aim adress is countercarnage :confused:
  15. S

    Could not load library from Client.dll

    Ya thats what it says when i try using ESF from steam. What should I do? And BTW What is with all this activeX popups! If the esf team put them up please take them off because Ive lost at least 100 megs of my all ready clustered hard drive! O_O
  16. N

    cannot load /cl_dlls/client.dll

    it won't load up and HL crashes once i start ESF
  17. O

    Cannot load from library problem

    CAn somebdy help me with this problem? It's been happening for months now. Whenever I open ESF it says "Fatal Error Could not load Library c:/program files/steam/steamapps/[email protected]/Half-life/Esf/cl_dlls/client.dll" I've tried re installing it but it doesn't seem to work.Can...
  18. D

    when evr i start esf it says that it couldnt load a file

    This is what it said : could not load library d:\robs games\half-life premierpack\[email protected]\half-life\esf\c;_dlls\client.dll :cry: SUM1 PLZ HELP ME
  19. M

    Could not load

    Hi, I've just downloaded the installer got very excited went to play it and... oh O_o I installed it into: C:Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\half-life along with all my other mods. But when I click on it, it loads a little bit then I get a fatal error saying: 'could not...
  20. K

    Could not load library

    My client dll is screwed up or something. Any way of clearing it up? I really need help.