1. Reading Rainbow

    Live Action DBZ Trailer Released

    Live Action DBZ Trailer Released This is for a nonexistent movie, they just wanted to show the potential DBZ would have if it were converted to live action
  2. Growler

    Proud to Announce: Hitting Trees with comics website is LIVE!

    Hello everyone, I am proud to announce that I've just launched my comics website- Hitting Trees with Comedy and art have a always been a part of my life, but I've never had a cool, unique place to share these interests. About a year ago, I was looking to do a project that...
  3. Deathshot

    Killzone Intercept - Live Action Fan Film Same people who made Beyond Black Mesa.... These guys are talented! I really want a full length film from them.
  4. zz12345zxc

    ESF:final network live gameplay? How about ESF:final LIVE gameplay? Can let us know ESF situation (English is not so good)
  5. V

    live streaming esf

    hey all iv played esf on and off for awhile and have allways loved it, lately i just got my new setup for my live streaming chan, and have been streaming esf and other games none stop, come check out my new live stream chan when im on and playing esf r something i like chating with people and...
  6. Kosherdog

    When is the next steam chat Q/A and live gameplay or stream?

    I missed the last steam chat q/a that was a long time ago, but the thought just crossed my mind again. I really want to be able to plan to see it this time! Thanks ^_^
  7. FalconFury

    Another life planet for humans to live?

    They say kepler is a new planet that all men-kind can live. But the air is different. Like what if there is an alien Watching us. What if our planet is destroyed and we all go to this planet and see all kinda unexpected species that live there. Discovered now, this planet doesn't look like...
  8. Mkilbride

    Akira Live Action...set in "Future Manhattan" So, they plan to Americanize it. Also, rumor mill is saying they are going for a PG-13 rating and plan to remove death, or at least, on screen death from it. Son of a *****. WHY DO THIS? WHY...
  9. SS4 Gogeta

    11-Year-Old Autistic Boy get branded a cheater by Xbox live. I wanna know what xbox live thinks this kid did to tamper with his stats and whatnot.
  10. A

    Pokémon: Live Action Movie Trailer Discuss.
  11. Painkiller

    This is something I post for everyone who live around the Balkan This video is PROOF that there actually is MUSIC in these countries This is a Bulgarian video, which proofs that even in Bulgaria there is real MUSIC! I greet everyone with this song and HAIL TO AHAT!
  12. Skyrider

    TF2 Interactive| A Heavy's 2fort Adventure DO IT LIVE

    Have fun people: <object width="660" height="405"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  13. Pain

    So, live Mormon chat

    Saw a commercial for it, decided to take it for a spin. If anything, I can say I was very entertained. He avoided most of my questions which were "controversial". I asked him about the healthcare bill, evolution, the age of the earth...
  14. Painkiller

    ESF will live a long long time...

    Even thought I hear that after finishing ESF 1.3 the team will quit ESF Well even if that happens there won't be any ESF 1.4 But should we care so much? You know this will live long long 1. The game is most certainly going to be the best for PC. 2. Once the game is out thousands of addons...
  15. J-Dude

    "Dragonball: Reawakening"; My in-development Live Action FanFilm!

    When I was a kid, I always had big ideas that I could never manage. I came up with the most ambitious pipe dreams as a kid, things that either never happened or happened on a cutesy, miniature scale that my friends helped with. During the early teenage years I decided to try to make a movie of a...
  16. ZeroNightmare

    New WiFi internet in the house, help with xbox live

    Sup guys. Just moved into another house and I have a wireless internet set up. The modem from the ISP is in my basement, which is connected to a wireless router. After that the pc's we use have little USB wifi detector cards. They work. Problem is I'm not sure how to set up my xbox for...
  17. Deathshot

    Quake Live

    One of the first few Browser FPS that run pretty good. Its pretty fun.
  18. Deman

    FOTN Live Action.

    In spirit of ****ty live action anime remakes, I present you with this: <object width="480" height="295"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  19. -Origin

    The XBOX Live Experience.

    Anyone got the new update? I'm loving it. It's a lot faster and streamlined than how it was before. ^^ Discuss.
  20. Damaera

    COD5 Beta = Live

    So, who got in the COD5 Beta?