1. Z


    Can someone tell me why the hell Krillin is the most powerful????
  2. Cold Steel

    freeza and krillin disc

    when you can't block or dodgeone of the famous discs will you be sliced in half aor just fade away ,i like sum gore!
  3. TwisteR

    krillin's transformation

    howcome krillins transformation is called mystic? the only thing that really drystically changed with krillin in the series is his gi, then again this is not about the series.
  4. P

    Do you like Krillin?

    Well, i think he is, short, sparky, cool, funny, and full of life. but it seems alot fo ppl dont like him ;( poor guy
  5. gandalf

    can krillin...?

    Can Krillin split his destructo disc in more than one disc like he does in the show? (srry if this is asked before!)
  6. E

    New Models!...

    K i havent been showing work lately as ive been changing the style of my models alot lately, i ended up creating a new Base model with T positioned arms, so far they havent given me any problems :) Goku - 1671 Polys Goku - 1700 Polys Krillin - 1581 Vegeta - 1502 Tien -...
  7. Ranma

    Piccolo and Krillin?

    Alright, i know its been said, it has to have been said, but i've never seen it or heared about it so, heres my question, What will Krillin and Piccolo do, since they have no transformations, it seems like it makes them uneven, and no one will want to be them if they could be someone who...
  8. ultrassj_vegeta

    question about the piccolo model

    will the piccolo model hav his cape?
  9. fatmanterror

    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    hey here is my ssj3 goku, the skin is only a temp, my friend is gonna try to skin it, if it turns out well ill show the finished product when its done, here ya go everybody, i know it looks a lil screwy but remember, to make a really good ssj3, it would take waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to many polies in...
  10. S

    Whats Wrong Krillin?

    I got bored [Once Again] So I found a Coloring book online and decided to color it in... Obviously the character I'm coloring in is Krillin :D Theres still alot of work to be done! But so far I think its good.. OH YA! And before I forget, Thank you soooo much Masta for giving me ideas :D!
  11. I

    the bald one:P......Krillin

    krillin model finished it like 4-5 weeks ago posting it now:P
  12. I

    buu gohan krillin ?

    when i play esf and i want buu , gohan or krillin first of all i dont get there picture and when i pick them i get somekind off piccolo but not in green ... can somebody plzzz help me ?? :cry:
  13. Holy Crusader


    Can anybody give me Krillin's stats in the beta?
  14. D@nte

    New Krillin

    I think the new krillin you posted schould be shorter,in the pics its a tall guy with long legs, i think he should be shorter, or have a smaller waste or somthing. Something is just not right.