1. S

    Pirates Vikings and Knights II Anyone play this at all? It's a hl2 mod, I haven't seen it brought up around here, so I thought I'd mention it. Im loving it atm, there's 2 classes per team but looks like they'll be adding more in future releases. It's supprisingly well balanced and simple but awesome...
  2. G

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic problem

    Ok so i found the starmap of kashyyk and im headiing to the czerka dock. when I go through the gate ot the dock the screen is black and all I can see is the cursor. I press tab( the button that switches char's) and I can still hear the parties voices. also I can hear wookie growl's and blaster...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine looks like some sort of official expansion that will include all of the previous "downloadables" plus additional content
  4. D

    SW: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords From what I've read thus far from the above preview, The Sith Lords looks very interesting so far. What would you like to see in The Sith Lord? I'd like to see more differences between Light & Dark Side, more then just appearance, and ending...
  5. Tassadar

    Knights of the Old Republic PC Version and Underground

    So yeah.. only two games I bought this year end up being the most fun. Where should I start... KOTOR. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC Knights of the Old Republic for the PC is much, much better (thats right, eat it console fanboys). Graphics, gameplay and everything. As I...
  6. Synth

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    I recommend taking a look at this game. Its a great mmorpg and has a lot of variety to keep you interested. You crash land on this planet named "Taris". After a surprise attack from the emerging Sith Empire. You, a soldier named Carth and a ship commander/jedi knight Bastilia are the only...
  7. Majin_You

    Knights of the Old Republic

    I understand that Star Wars: KOTOR has been released on X-Box (us PC owners without the X-Box have to wait a couple months yet :(), and I was curious as to whether or not anybody here owns it yet. If so, what are your impressions of the game thus far? Worth buying when it comes out on PC? Strong...
  8. D

    Dark Knights Artwork

    hey hey ive been usin photoshop for a while and i just wanna show some of u guys bit of muh skill ^_^ these are my 2 favorite things i have made so far and what ya think? ^_^
  9. U

    jedi knights 2.. server...

    does ne1 kno of a good jk 2 server??? that me and my frends can play on...?? has ne1 set one up.. if so cud u plz pm me the ip or post a reply... cheers edit: o yeh btw... does ne1 kno how to make a server without it being dedicated?
  10. U

    Jedi Knights 2

    umm... sorry to sound noobish but... how do u setup a local server on jedi knights 2? i hav a lan at home and i can't seem to set up a local server... how do u choose wat type of server u want to set up?
  11. NightShade

    Jedi Knights 2 Outcast

    This is one of the best games i have played in a long time. it is even with esf. and thats very hard to do i might add. So Anyone wants my name on there it is NightShade. and i love to duel. Oh and i hit over 100 post ya me. (yes i am slow getten here but i play more games then chat heh)
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