1. imkongkong

    NEW kame torpedoes

    Instead of using a seperate bar for a kame torpedoe, i think it should just be used with the regular kamehameha. HOW IT WOULD WORK holding left click would still be able to charge it. holding right click would charge a torpedoe. Anytime you already have a charged torpedoe, primary fire...
  2. Cold Steel

    Goku's kame torpedo's.

    I find Goku's kame torpedo's rather large, they should be the size of a regular ki blast. Not that i'm complaining, if you leave it like this i wouldn't mind, but making them smaller would just look a lot better.
  3. M

    Kame torpedos - homing?

    Hey if im right, the kame torpedoes are now guided, right? So they would be like homing in on the opponent? But how much? I mean how hard is it to avoid getting hit ? :) Hope someone would answer ! /Max
  4. M

    Could somone make a SSj4 Gogeta Kame

    Could somebody make this... http://dedez.virtualave.net/tec_bigkame.jpg If anyone else thinks that would be cool, i dont know what your doin, but i would ask TryForce cause its similar to his Final Flash and i think he would do it perfectly
  5. NeLo

    Goku Kame Sig

    Hey guys im at it again. Well i didnt decide to create a new bg so i used one of my older ones that i havent used yet. So anyway here is Goku creating a kame. Yes i did create the Kamehameha. The image is just goku in the stance for it. So i created a kamehameha for him..
  6. M

    Kame Torpedos and Renzoku Problems

    When I create my own lan game, or even server, just to practice a bit with bots, or just torture them for fun, I notice that I my kame torpedos with Goku are not there. Also I can't use the Renzoku or even Ki blasts with Vegeta?? :shocked: Is this some kind of bug, or am I just being a nooB...
  7. G

    How do I do a Kame Torpedo and with who?

    How do I do a Kame Torpedo and with who?
  8. Seph`

    SSjTrunks Skin Edit

    Original Skin: Mastasurf Edit: Kame-Haka Changes: Gold Sword (Metallic), Blue Sheath and Red Jacket Image: Crits? What can I make better (Shoes will be blue next time I edit) Kame-Haka Edit - Front view added. Sorry for bad quality of 2nd pic I put it in paint for ease...
  9. Seph`

    Newbie Modeller ~ Tips? ~ Reference Pics?

    Hi ^.^ I'm a newbie modeller and I need to start out with doing basic humanoid models then move onto the more intricate and difficult 'mecha' modelling. For PFX of course ^.~ I was looking for some tips on modelling humans, and/or some reference DBZ Pics to model with. I am looking for...
  10. W

    my first model edit and reskin! comin!!

    Adult Gohan model edit and reskin !+credits! realase! hey! look at thet my first model edit of adult gohan! credits: body: AZN Dragon first skin: Moshe Kipod Hamavet pic LOL i create the kamehameha :) and here is the download link :)...
  11. Pain

    kame torpedos stay put

    it would be good if the kame torpedoes dont arm themselvs until you fire them. that would prevent people from just wandering into them and blowing up. if u charge a torpedo and wait for someone to charge u, then release and tele away. that person gets a rude suprise. so when u charge a...
  12. O

    Trunks' Sword & Kame Torpedoes

    On Goku's move list there is no Kame Torpedoes and Trunks, whether at 20% power or 20% health, can't use his sword or even has a melee. Any ideas what the problem is? Thanks in advance!
  13. O

    No trunks sword or kame torpedos?

    Hey guys :D I'm having a bit of trouble with esf - I just installed it - And I find it a really addictive fun game - except for some reason in my version which is the latest vers., Trunks doesn't have the sword (I can't use it etc) and Goku doesn't have kametorpedos. However in the when i...
  14. M

    no kame sound

    when im jusing kame's and when im shooting them i cant hear anything can anyone help me :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  15. O

    What are kame torpedos?

    Topic----=--.-------- /.\ ---------------------/.|.\ --------------------/..|..\ -------------------/...|...\ ------------------/___|__\ ---------...------.----| ---------...-----------| ---------...-----------| ---------...-----------| ---------...-----------| ---------...-----------|...
  16. SSj Goten

    Please Help Me

    Can someone please tell me which is the kame torpedo? im editing it for my own new character :D
  17. Z

    Kame torpedo

    when you hold a move key and make 2 kame torpedo goku keep walking when making the 2nd one, he don't move but the animation is still playing
  18. SSj Goten

    Help with kame sprtie

    Can Some one please tell me what the sprite is for the kame torpedoes please:confused:
  19. VorteX

    kame torps

    why can u only make 6 kame torpedoes?
  20. V


    Hey, everybody, don't you think you should continue working on your models and not get them hosted until 1.1 is out otherwise you will have to reanimate