1. $

    Kame Torpedo sprites???????

    It seems that while i was changing the sprites for the kamehameha wave i altered the kame torpedo sprite. If anyone has the sprites i would appreciate it if u could provide a link.......kinda noobish when it comes to the configuring
  2. ESCachuli

    Kame house

    when i try to use this map it said me that i need kh_water... i-dont-know-more (im spanish and is an expresion)
  3. Z

    Kame Torpedo

    What's wrong with animation when i cast Kame torpedo Goku's animation is lost.:]
  4. MopageBoy

    When was Kame Torpedo Used?

    Um i havnt seen the whole series of dbz for quite some time... but when was the kame torpedo actually used in the show, i cant remember it...
  5. Slofreak

    real kame pose ?

    whell how about making the real kame pose when your on the ground : And the air pose something like the pic see his legs how they are :
  6. G

    Kame House - final version

    Well the topic says all: I'm curently working at this thing from my old version. About 50% done. Still there are more to go http://gokussj.dbzhood.com/pics/kamehouse1f.jpg http://gokussj.dbzhood.com/pics/kamehouse2f.jpg http://gokussj.dbzhood.com/pics/kamehouse3f.jpg...
  7. Ravendust

    Improve Kame Torpedo Tracking

    I don't know if anyone else even uses them, but Kame Torps are my favorite signature energy attack. Decent damage, homing, and you can fire six at once - they're also probably the most strategic attack in the game. However, the tracking (homing) on them is pretty horrible at times. Often...
  8. S

    how do you use kame torpedos?

    you push fire to make them and secondary to blow them up, how do you send them at people?
  9. Z

    Kame battles

    I don't know if this post is meant to be here, so I apologize beforehand. When you are in a "Power Struggle" (when 2 kames meet), I have seen that some of my opponents, once it is made clear that I am the winner (looking at the power bar) they somehow escape the Power Struggle, which gives...
  10. KidMan

    Kame Torpedo Question

    Ok when did Goku ever do a Kame Torpedo in the DBZ series? I do not remember anything of that sorta at all and I have a very good memory when it comes to DBZ...
  11. Pain

    Kame Torpedo fix

    A few things I've found wrong with this. Problem 1. No control. Often times it will go after nothing at all. They will fly at a random place on the map and detonate once they reach it (most of the time it's a surface but I've seen them blow up in the air for no reason). This is only half...
  12. Growler

    Dj Ready's Kame Haus

    :S Hey Dj-Ready, I saw this map in your dev journal and I'd like to say that the house looks really bad. The Siding looks like pink rug, and aren't we going to be able to go inside? Also the house looks very small when mirrored to the show's Kame Haus. Well anyway, maybe an arial shot of it...
  13. G

    Kame House - NEW + DOWNLOAD

    ok I see some other guys work at the same Kame stuff like I do, I don't want to make any competition with imkongkong & hterag or others but anyway I remade the whole Kame House map for the 3rd time and I would like to know if it looks better this way. Pictures Here: Download Here...
  14. M

    Kame House

    Ayo Lad's, I know this aint HL1 or ESF mapping but its DBZ. So I thought it be best I post it here Now I stumbled upon it on a CD. Hehe there were 2 versions of this on the CD Cel-Shaded and non. So I took a screenshot for fun see what ppl think. Ignore the crappy lighting did a quick compile...
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Scattershot and Kame Torpedos, Adjustments

    I'm not whining about the homing or anything. I think its annoying how... well... you cant block them most of the time. Lets say bob sets 5 kame torpedos, then shoots them all at me, i can block 1, but it puts me into a block struggle, which is fine.... but then the other ones hit me while...
  16. Chakra-X

    Kame Torpedo?

    Yeah I was just thinking, the ESF team doesn't implimant unoffcial attacks of dRagonball Z...And while thinking this, I wondered where Kame Torpedo came from. Is it made up or has goku actually used in the show??
  17. J

    Buggy kame torpedo

    So, I fire my kame torp storage at someone but they suddetly go after some1 else! Really annoying when all my torps fly at some random guy and straight to the walls instead of the real target
  18. L

    Ultra Kame Super Kame?

    Hey Guys i was just Playing a this kid was doing these really powerful Kamehameha's and was claiming they were Ultra kamehameha and super Kamehameha if this is possible how do i perform them my powerlevel was over 5,000,000 so if you guys know how PLEASE tell me.
  19. DracoHeart

    Vegeta and Gohan Outfit and Kame

    Since 1.3 is going to include new characters and transformations. Vegeta's Outfit - Blue suit all the way. (without armor) Gohan's Outfit - Black suit all the way. (without armor and purple suit) Gohan's Rage Since 1.3 is about transformations, I am certain there should be Gohan's...
  20. G

    Gohan kame torpedos.

    i like to play with gohan very much but he doenst got a lot attacks. in the series he uses kame torpedoes against Debura, so can he have it in the new version, i think it would prerry easy to implent it. and i think it would be cool if he can charge attacks while moving, cuz i think goku...