1. Sting

    I need some Help with adding new joints

    First of all I use Milkshape V1.7.8 I know how to add a joint that isnt really the big problem. But is there a way to make the joint smaller in Milkshape. My goal is to use some joints in the fingers of some models so I can animate the fingers as well. But I am just using Milkshape and...
  2. nemix12

    ESF Joints

    can someone post a picture like this only just with an esf character and esf joints i need it for a model to put the joints from 0
  3. Z

    little help with joints

    when i load piccolo.smd in milkshape and i delete the piccolo model leaving the joints and bones still there and i put the tien model without bones and joints (basically replacing piccolo with tien but same bones and joints) i assign the joints to the verticles then i export it to piccolo.smd...
  4. 1

    bones and joints

    do you put the skeleton in your model beofre or after you make your model? =/ you make a skeleton first, then make a model, or do you make a model then add bones to it? i just learned how to make a simple model, so i really dont know how to do much other than building models...
  5. M

    ESF_MODELERS_TEAM_QUESTION - what are the name of the new joints (MOUTH...)

    yep the title says it all... I need the name and structure of the new joints for the mouth in the new models in ESF beta 1.2 some pics of how its suppose to look like would help very much!
  6. W

    ESF Model Skeletons

    I decompiled the Gohan model to take a look at the skeleton. I must say, its a tad, uh, bulbous. Do you modelers out there actually use the big skeleton as a reference base or do you make your own for the model?
  7. SSj Goten

    A model pack

    its different models from other people , i will give credits after i am done with everything :tired:
  8. S

    MilkShape Help?

    i just downloaded MilkShape 3d 1.5.6(Trial) and after i decomplie the files how do i complie them Back to .mdl??
  9. Rajikk

    Smoke powerup effect

    I'm trying to make a single player version of esf but instead of the normal powerup effect I'm making a gold glowing smoke effect for the SSJ transformation a red one for a red saiyan transformation and instead of the normal white aura I'm having a black smoke affect this will make it more...
  10. Death The Jedi

    Found vertex with invalid bone assignment....

    whenever I try to export my model, it says "Found vertex with invalid bone assignment". All the vertexes are assigned to bones.. so can anyone help me out here?
  11. MaX

    my 1st model edit. and i need a animator for it. look there for the pics but. i need some to animate him. please.. im learning animating so i would make that edit i did horrble. Credits: S-Bolt for the ss2gohan head. Azn Dragon:for everything but the head. :) pm me if u can animate...
  12. -Dark Shadow-

    My failed ssj2 goku :(

    look at it anyone know why it happened?? please tell me :cry:
  13. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. OneWingedAngel

    Weapon Models

    Hey I'm new to modeling ^_^ and i want some help from you guys. How do you go about making weapon models? like do you need to make skeletons,Joints or anything like that? or do you just model it and Animate it and ****. Anyways i'm useing the new version of Milkshape 3D just incase you need that...
  15. R

    Assigning Bones/Joints To Model Problems!

    Well... I have my model, it's skinned etc. But I'm having some problems getting it assigned to a vertex or whatever. I'm using milkshape. Aslo just for ex. You have a CS Model, and a FA model You take the reference smd from cs (and all the textures) You take out the reference smd for...
  16. Akhkaru


    Well, I decided to use MS3D. I have my model made n all, but I can't export it into a HL SMD... It says "Invalid bone assignment to vertex, Model not Exported!" How can I do this?
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