1. -Dark Shadow-

    Help please really needed for milkshape

    I chose Evil buu and edited it and then today i realised that the trousers and shoes were missing and then on the material it didn't have it there so is there any idea how i can upload it to my model? *Edit* can you copy and paste on milkshape please answer :cry: oh and can you take...
  2. -Dark Shadow-

    In milkshape how do i delete seperate things?

    well i am on milkshape and uploaded evil buu and when i did it had all the things there and was trying out something cos i delted the cape and then i was wondering how to delete like JUST the gloves NOT the OTHER THINGS AROUND IT which is JOINT up with... can someone tell me how to delete...
  3. Bryggz

    a question for anyone who models

    how do i model the front strands of hair (bangs) so that they dont go all crazy when my model is in the middle of an animation? every time i recharge ki.....or charge for an attack, my ussj trunks models bangs go all schitzo on me, anybody know? im sure azn could help me out, since his mystic...
  4. Bryggz

    (HELP) Vertex with invalid bone assignment?

    hey guys im gettin this message when im trying to export my model anybody know a solution? i hardly know what this means
  5. M

    Where can i get the original models?

    I, being the idiot i am, decided not to save the original model. Is there any way (besides reinstalling) to get it?? Thank you.
  6. Demi-Shadow


    Do I need to have a skeleton for my model? I don't intend on animating it.. (I hope someone will be kind enough to help with that ;)) If I send the model when it's finished (long time lol) to an animater would he make a skeleton? or, can someone explain how to make/edit the skeletons to fit...
  7. L

    can't join servers help plz

    i already tried to change the cl_timout limit to 350 and it still goes back to the esf screen and stays there pleae help
  8. L

    can't join servers

  9. Deman

    56K Should I join?

    hey, i only have a 56k modem, and I have nevered played any half-life mod over the internet. so my question is, would i lag up the servers too bad if i was to join? Because i dont want to join a game just to hear everyone complain that its getting real laggy.
  10. O

    Bots wont join a team

    I d/led the bots and all but when i add the bots join the server but dont join a team what do i do?
  11. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. S

    BUG: i can't create or join any games!!!

    ok here we go: when i first activated esf and joined a game, i was in it for about 2 seconds and then the game just shut off. after that, everytime i joined an online/LAN game (after i wait like 1 minute for it to connect :-(!! ), the game closes and a box pops up that says...
  13. L

    can't join esf beta servers

    :cry: whenever i try to join it gets to the character select screen then it goes back to the esf screen and just stays there i tried to change the cl_timoute to 350 and thaT DIDN'T WORK EITHER HELP PLEASE
  14. A

    Join Game Error

    Now That There Are So Many Server's When I Try to Join One They Alway's Tell Me To Install The Custom Game Wile I Installed It The Day It Was Released,Plz Tell Me How To Fix This Annoying Problem,I Really Like Tha Mod But I Can't Join
  15. H

    help i cant join games!

    when ever i try to join a game it says error couldnt load library C:\sierra\half-life\esforces\cl_dlls\client.dll... what do i do to make this not happen? someone plz help me! and i have the newest version of halflife, all my other mdos work, CS, DOD,NS, everything else works but esf plz...
  16. H

    An error when i try to join a game!

    everytime i try to join a game it says "Could not load library C: \SIERRA\HALF-LIFE\esforces\cl_dlls\client.dll" what does this meanO_O ? someone plz help me!!!:cry:
  17. Shuyin

    Can't Join Games

    I can't connect to any servers and have not been able to play half life online at all. it says my version is outdated (i have counterstrike) help? p.s its not my net , i have dsl
  18. Mistery X

    Piccolo model for Saiyan Crusades, Need CRITS!! badly

    check it out.. I've started on the head, just tell me what looks wrong and how I should fix it... even though its just the head so far!
  19. Yui Sakura

    My lineart

    well there it is... C&C if ya want... btw, no references were used except for #17, and even then he still sucks. [edit] sorry about the double post. i completely forgot about :p if you could plz delete my above post or something to sort it all out? *No problem. I'm not lazy and...
  20. Ryoko

    A joint effort...

    Well, me and The_Stinger put our collective heads together and came up with a joint wallpaper. Can you give us opinions and er.. stuff here.