1. D

    Hey can i join as a modeler ? just tell me which one

    If you guy's tell me which model i should make i'll do it. and i should have it ready in a few day's. If possible give me a character that's hard to model so you can see my skills. and if you like it can i join ? ( no i will not join any other mod than ESF ) Please contact me on MSN ...
  2. G

    Any Modellers Come Here Ok

    Hey the gf clan need modelers and skins well im me at ttaimmaisshu ok tanks
  3. D

    Attention All Sig Makers

    i am thinking of starting a sig makers clan or guild... tell me what u think. and tell me if you want to join...
  4. VivaLaPineapple


  5. G


    ANY MODELERS WANNA JOIN THE -[gF]- CLAN! PLZ JOIN MY AIM IS TTAIMMAISSHU OR MY ICQ IS 140916504. _________________ MADE BY SPIN THANK YOU SPIN! _________________ MADE BY -[gF]-Tien _________________