1. D

    Can i Instal game on Counter-Strike 1.6

    Hi everybody, i have Counter-Strike 1.6, bcuz i buyd Counter-Strike Anthology 1. So i don't have Half-life 1 as a game. But i know CS is mod of HL, so i think if it's can instal ESF 1.3 in Counter-Strike directory? Or install in games like Condition Zero, DoD, Deathmatch Classic, Ricochet...
  2. D

    instal problem

    i have half life on steam,the only problem is i cant instal esf it doen't find a pad to store it,how can i solve this? grtz
  3. E

    Help Please with Instal (I have read the sticky)

    Look i have Counterstrike and Condition Zero. I got halflife in my games list but i cant play it. I have installed ESF, but it doesn't work can u please tell me what to do. do i need to Download playable halflife somewhere maybe? Or is CS enough. Thanks, Evil Doggy
  4. FlameHaze_Shana

    cant instal it help

    ok i downloaded the game but if i can instal it until i have to set it to a different folder, i cant press ok and press install, why? an screenshot,
  5. I

    How do u instal namek.wad?

    hello. it wuz buggin me that i couldnt play sum maps cuz i didnt hav namek.wad, so i found a few places where i could download it. so i tried, but i couldnt open it, but i could save it, so i saved it in my esf folder, but i still cant play the maps. am i doin sumthin wrong?
  6. Z

    3dsmax 8 instal errors

    ok i have no clue wtf to do everytime i install ( try to instal) 3ds max 8 i get this: Error 1920. Service 'raysat_3dsmax8 Server' (mi-raysat_3dsmax8) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services. i believe this has something to do with the...
  7. E

    how to instal the characters

    i downloaded a character, how do i put him onto the game?
  8. C

    Help to instal

    Hi , i downloaded Earth`s Special Forces Beta 1.2.3 but i could not instal. I Clik - I Agree > Next > that`s 'error' who can help me? thx !
  9. MuRRweLL

    instal on steam!?!

    Can anybody help me with how i instal ESF on steam i cant get it to work, im glad fo the help i can get.
  10. I

    Hello People, new to the game and cant instal =(

    What file do i make to install it into, because when i try to install it, the file folder selection thing of where to install it wont work, it goes into the last steam file i was in, so what file do i install it into, thank you! :)
  11. M

    i can't instal the game

    :p i can't instal the game i don't know why if i instal a error Comes Can you Guys help me PLS
  12. N

    HELP i cant instal!!!!!!!

    i dl the 1.2 FULL AND LIGHT. but i cant install either one. it litteraly STOPS at a certain point under install. like on full it stops on the music part and on light it stops on the map. help me! 1.1 was much ezer
  13. D

    cant instal

    esfb12full i have downloads this file and im trying to install it, each time the setup crash i have try with my other ocmputer... same thing alway crash when he is at instaling mp3 startup or something like thats... anyone can help or give me link where i can get full version Than you ;(
  14. J

    Can't Instal HELP!

    I can't instal ESF Beta 1.2. It keeps getting to "copying file c:\sierra\half life\esf\gamestart.mp3" and then it stops and when i click it says "(not responding)". What should i do?
  15. E

    error message wen i try to instal plz help

    when i clik on the install icon it says required and then a whole bunch on numbers then it says availble and a whole bunch of numbers it says it cant lauch install what do i do plz help
  16. E

    a prob in instal

    when i instal esf the instalation freeze at "search for instaled component"
  17. V


  18. Z

    instal esf ?

    i have istal ESF but how you must open it Pleese help me:cry:
  19. B

    How to instal the bots?
  20. B

    How to instal the bots?

    Because so many people having trouble installing the bots.