1. ssjFajita

    Small Speed Increase

    I beleive that there should be a small speed increase of about 10 points that can be addded over time with the gain of PL to a persons default speed when they are SSJ or non-ssj. I also believe that when you are SSJ or when you CAN transfom, but YOU DON'T, or whenever you can transform, BUT YOU...
  2. Delusional

    FrameRate Increase....

    Ok This is a thread where i need u to post what cmds in console will higher ur framerate or lower lagg.......i know this one : cl_dusttrails 0 Thats it Now....everyone plz post what u know
  3. Jarrstin

    Want to increase your performance of ESF???

    Ok, this trick is only for Windows XP users, so sorry :( YOu can do this on other operating systems, I'm only explaining it for those users howerver. Also I only advise this if you have 20 GB or more left on your computer, as this takes up from 1GB to 4GB to do. Anyways, it doesnt just improve...
  4. NextGenPS2

    powering up -- increase pl?

    in the show, every now and then, the dbz characters seem to be able to raise their power levels at will (this is different from ki). examples include vegeta and goku raising their levels to summon kid buu (vegeta actually said something like "let's raise our power levels"), or gohan releasing an...
  5. Optional

    Valve Hammer Overview - All You Need to Map!

    ~Introduction - This thread will be a tutorial on how to map! It will cover everything you will need to map! You can go from never mapped before, to a mapper in no time! ~Contents 1. Essential Programs and Options 2. The Valve Hammer Tools Overview 3. Incredible Terrain - 3 Ways 4. Groups...
  6. sithlord

    gravity chamber

    Can someone make a map inside a huge gravity chamber? It would be cool to have battles at 400G...maybe the map could even have some training bots or something :D
  7. Phobius


    NEED HELP WITH YOUR MAP CONTACT MR. SATAN I have decided to start something, a little "service" or whatever for all the mappers out there. Send me you're map (In RMF or MAP Format), along with any custom wads used and/or a list of the wads used and I will fix, compile, and tweak/optimize...
  8. Pemalite


    Ok, after playing esf for 5 hours straight, I decided to watch dragon ballz from the start (I have every episode on tape) and I noticed something... in esf frieza has 2 toes, BUT in the videos he has 3! (god attention to detail, lmao) Im not sure if anyone has picked this up, but yeah I did... lol
  9. E

    How to increase FPS?

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can increase my fps (frames per second) in ESF? I have a pretty good video card (Nvidia Geforce 2) and get at least 60-70 fps in any other HL mod, yet for some reason I am getting at MAX 30 fps in esf, and commonly 15-20fps.
  10. MinesSkylineR34

    My5tIcDrAg0n made a wp?! noooo way!!!

    here it is hehehehe yes that is a radical blur and a chrome :D
  11. L

    suggestions to increase the dynamism

    Hi to every one... Today i tested the beta 1.1 and lot of suggestions came to my mind. First of all i want to congratulate the people that works in this proyect, its very COOL !!! Now with the suggestions :laff: It would be nice to have a position indicator when you have an enemy...
  12. B0Bmaster40000

    Crash Bandicoot WIP

    i wanted to make a non-ESF, non-anime character. Crash was the first one that came to mind. I dont care if you like crash or not, i think this will be a cool model, and i want to do it as a way of improving my modeling skills. Ive made this model from scratch, i want to re-animate it entirely...
  13. Black Saiyan


    Can some1 walk me thru how to make the body ect ect
  14. T.G._Cid

    power level increase

    there has been something that has always bothered me. when the sayjins accend they get a 2x multiplyer, yet when every one else does they only get a 1.5x. I really think they should balence this.
  15. K


    i want to create a model of goku ssj4 and i want that in his normal form he will start with 1,000,000 ki and with 200 in normal power :/ plz help me!
  16. C

    Increase powerlevel faster?

    Is there any way to make your powerlevel go up faster? I've seen people in games that went ssj, and they have less kills and/or more deaths than me, but their powerlevel is higher. Does using energy attacks primarily make your powerlevel go up faster or something?
  17. owa

    My Drawing!

    hahaha. Well I did a little freehand drawing of Goku's head, and yes it is not nearly as good as Ryoko's, Cucs, or the Chimp, but then again I haven't drawn sense the Character contest thing for ESF. Anyways here it is, and I relize his chin is pointy, comments or Critz would be helpful...
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    genesis wallpaper crits and comments r welcome
  19. Super_Vegeta.LE

    SSJ3 Gotenks model WIP

    like the title says :)
  20. P

    Kai planet

    I think that someone should make a map for teh kai planet. I think that the z-sword should be put in too. I would attempt to make it but im working on a model right now. Think about it