1. X

    How do I increase my FPS?

    I can only go up to 60fps w/ OpenGL. But I remember my friend told me how to increase it by deactivating something on my video card called vsync? or something I forgot. it started with the letter V. I need this because The Aura that comes out when you recharge your ki pool drains your FPS to...
  2. eminence

    Question about Sig Quality

    How are you people able to maintain such a high quality on your sigs? On the one I'm currently making, whenever I save it, and then open it again, there's weird dots everywhere and the picture isn't as good as it was before.. So how are you guys able to maintain such high quality? BTW, I'm...
  3. W

    when and how much does your pl increase?

    AFTER you hit them, kill them or shoot them with your beam attacks?:shocked:
  4. dark-prince

    Increase Ki Bar With Power

    I think its kinda cheap that im ssj and i lose the same amout of ki bar when i do an attack than i would when im not (almost the same, at least) can you make it so the more power you have, the more ki you have? or at least increase the rate? hehe
  5. N

    powerlevel increase with certain moves

    After playing the bots, I have noticed that certain moves (like the ki blasts) dont increase your pl at all. Is this a bug or something? and if it is, will it be fixed in the next version?
  6. S

    Want lagless water? all mappers read

    Alright ever notice how when you create a map with lots of water you get a nice drop in framerate and some increase in ping? well its because the waves are being rendered constantly, and they are rendered everywhere on the map, now do you want a solution? ok download wally, search for it on...
  7. N

    Musashi Sword Skin W.I.P.

    after being pushed around by parents for about 10 hours i finally got some time to skin musashi's sword: by the way our site is: Elemental Fusion
  8. E


    1 more suggestion, I would think it would be a lil more *INVOLVED* if the power level would start increasing SLOWLY and then suddenly jump up. Cuz right now the numbers stay the same and suddenly just jump to 4 mil.
  9. L33T ha4or

    saiyan vs non-saiyan PL increase

    ok from what i understand this is sorta how it goes say the power your going to gain from hitting someone is 1000 for a saiyan if you were in normal form and hit him youd gain 1000 and when you transform that would equal say 3000(if going SSJ increases ya PL 3 times) or if ya did it when in...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    quick question

    how the hell do u guys get such crisp colors with gif images? ive tried it and all i get is a complete piece of crap with 256 colors
  11. S

    How Do I Add The Sky!

    Can u please tell me how i put a sky in my map
  12. V

    Bandwidth Increase + Speed

    As you may notice, i have just added some extra bandwidth (~1Gbps) to the ESF server. Should speed the forums up a tad ;)
  13. D

    Planet Vegeta Map

    for a map, we need planet vegeta, where the gravity would be 10 times greater, so your pl would increase just by walking around, even though i know you cant do that. but we do need a map of planet vegeta, and maybe higher gravity... maybe....