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Oct 1, 2008
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Warning: Not to be taken very seriously, was created due to utter boredom :V

Story concept:
In the video game verse, there exist two separate planets, one full of fantasy and colorful characters, the other realistic and gritty.
Till now, both planets lived at peace with the occasional squabble.
However, in the real world, gaming has reached the point where both gamers themselves and creators are at odds with each other regarding choosing realistic games and non-realistic ones.
This causes increasing tension in both the vidya planets, eventually resulting in all out war! Where the war will lead, no one knows~
The story is meant to be a mixture of ridiculous comedy, occasional serious stuff...and more comedy.

Story structure:
Its divided into three episodes, the third locked until the other two are completed.
Each episode focuses on one planet at a time, and has all kinds of gameplay divided between each episode.
The final episode uses characters from the other episodes, and has all the gameplay of them as well, frequently switching from one type to another.

Fantasy Gameplay - Platforming segments, traditional JRPG/action RPG battles, beat em up and SHMUP elements. 3D fighter gameplay for boss battles. Occasional rhythm minigames.

Fantasy Graphics - Entirely sprite based for most gameplay types, shifting to a 3D anime cellshaded look for action RPG gameplay/JRPG gameplay segments and boss battles.

Reality Gameplay - Combined FPS and TPS elements where you can dynamically switch between both viewpoints anytime you want, which changes gameplay in certain ways as well, also used for boss battles. Puzzle and adventure game segments.
Certain areas are open world which can viewed through both a FPS and TPS viewpoint, though gameplay does not change in this case. These areas serve as a break of sorts where the player can do as he wishes and go on a few sidequests or just enjoy the view or something.

Graphics - General realistic/gritty look most of the time, with open world areas having a western fantasy look, and boss battles having a sci-fi'ish feel.

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