1. ~Dark Trunks~

    new homing renzoku

    ok well alot of people like to think renzoku is useless for vegeta now. so wut i was thinkin is that maybe they could make vegetas renzoku homing like he did wen he fought perfect cell. and i was thinkin since it takes away so much ki u could get more bang for ur buck. as of now a fully...
  2. M

    Kame torpedos - homing?

    Hey if im right, the kame torpedoes are now guided, right? So they would be like homing in on the opponent? But how much? I mean how hard is it to avoid getting hit ? :) Hope someone would answer ! /Max
  3. Shuyin

    Homing Ability

    Ok currently the kametorpedo and scattershot have homing capabilities, but they don't home very well. Im suggesting that the homing is improved alot. picture this 1.2 you fire a kametorpedo which starts homing in on your nearest target and keeps chasing him, it's so fast that they swoop...
  4. imkongkong

    homing ki balls

    the new generic ki round balls, i think should b homing balls... it should take long to charge, and u select ur target to whom u want to home on in.. it shouldn't do too much damage.. maybe as much as a mini ki shot.. every character in the game has used this attack at least once.. the one whom...
  5. DaMan

    Homing Attacks

    I was thinking that there should be homing attacks u know the attacks that follow you without being aimed. Every character should have one since the only homing attck i know of is the one that krillen uses splitting beam or somethin. it would be nice
  6. S

    Piccolo Homing Balls

    I think Piccolos homign ball attack needs to be stronger they r sooo weak that u have to use 2 full bars of ki to kill someonewith them they r weaker than a paper gun firing air at u each homing ki attack does like 3 damage i think that the attack needs to seriously be beefed up
  7. JDeezNutz

    A Homing Beam :d

    ok fire a normal beam or any beam etc etc at someone and say if they fly towards you once you have fired and teh beam goes way way passed them, just hold first attack button on them and lol you will see the beam curv up and around and hit them :) its quite funni
  8. S

    Vegeta's homing blasts

    I was thinking of putting Vegeta's homing blasts as a suggestion. This is done when he fights Perfect Cell for the first time.
  9. Sonic the Vampire

    Randomly homing attacks, huh?

    So I was kicking it in a random room called ESF Beta 1.1 or something in a few minutes ago and I noticed a rather strange completely random encounter... one of my kame torpedos took off at a 90 degree angle from which I fired it off and homed in on a near by enemy who was in the middle of a...
  10. S

    Homing attacks

    Would piccolo,vegeta and krillen have their homing attacks ? cause itd be cool where piccolo can fire his Very powerful homing balls krillen can fire his Kakusan Ha beam and when u press fire they turn into homing balls and for vegeta well he can use it liek a ki blast he just fires loadsa...
  11. S

    piccolo homing balls

    hey will piccolo homing balls be in cause it be cool if primary fire tap will like fire 1 at it will auto home in on someone or maybe u could target certain people if u keep ur thinger onf primary fire u charge a ball and then fire loads of em then u press secodnary fire and they all home...