Homing Ability

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Sep 29, 2002
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Ok currently the kametorpedo and scattershot have homing capabilities, but they don't home very well.
Im suggesting that the homing is improved alot.
picture this

1.2 you fire a kametorpedo which starts homing in on your nearest target and keeps chasing him, it's so fast that they swoop backwards and swoop in all directions eventually driving the kametorpedo back to the user :p (or if the player isn't very good at escaping it, boom ow)

It sounds more fun.
If there is a problem because people may "fire lots of homing attacks."
Then when you fire a homing attack, you cannot fire any other moves untill the homing attack explodes OR you explode it.
So your character model would be standing there moving his hands like he is controlling it yada yada, tell me what you think?
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Aug 21, 2002
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I think kametorpedos are strong enough ... making them home almost perfeectly as scatterbeam, would be unfair ... every Goku would hide anywhere and shoot a fully charged KT anywhere ...
then you would make ESF to a luck game (like CS) (are luck games allowed ??? ;))

I like it the way it is

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