1. I


    I was in the water in Esf and stayed there for 5 mins then im drowning whats with it man they can breth
  2. E

    dbgt model pack

    someone can make a DBGT model pack? like vegeta normal+ssj+ssj4 chibi goku+ssj+ssj4 dbgt trunk+ssj goten+ssj krillin+(whatever) and so one :)
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Alrighty, heres the most current-up-to-date..

    Lena Manipulation Photo. As you can see, I changed it quite a bit from the other...the name of the photo is to be if you want to come up with a name, that'd be cool, I may consider it, and post it onto DeviantArt with that topic, credits included :) Again, thank you for the...
  4. AscendantSaiyan

    Hmmm i tired to model...

    Right this is the first thing i have ever modeled and i was wondering what you think? Not as how good a goku head it is but more as how good do you think it is for a first try. (this is the reason i didnt post it in the modeling section). <img...
  5. G

    Hmmm, could some one make a USSJ Goku?

    I saw goku once become a USSJ and if some one could make a model for esf i will be very happy 10x;)
  6. C

    Another wp try...

    Im sure atleast one or two people might not like this for obvious reasons...if i over stepped the bounds i apologise. Two people both said my last one was too dark so i tried to keep away from that look this time. Its a fairly basic design but i think i got the contrast between colours...
  7. T

    hmmm guess i should give these out

    Here is the world torniment version of gohan that Azn gave me when he decided not to finish them, i have completed it with much help from Cheeseman AKA mystic Krillin so credets to them it comes with a SSJ version and an SSJ2 version, i am aware of the skinless part under his arms when he does...
  8. G

    Moddeling in max

    I have been modeling in Milkshape for a while, and have just switched to 3ds max. The way I model is I have like 10 cylinders and I shape them and connect them all when I am done. The one problem is I can't figure out how to connect these cylinders in 3ds max. I can sort of get a crude system...
  9. Vengaurd

    New Kame ha me ha

    I didnt really have a problem with the old kamehameha, but this one is more animate. the light is a modified melee flash, props to its creater allright my file server sucks so youll just have to go the site and click preview if you want a picture....;( you can download it here give me...
  10. G

    hmmm prom again

    So this goes to everyone who has expirience with milkshape and 3dsmax r5: i've got a big prom with exporting my models to smd format (wanna use them in esf and other mods) 'cause 3dsmax5 semms to be incomatible with ms and so i get a lot of vertices when i import my models into ms. i've tried...
  11. S

    Wow, i think its nice... critz?

    man, i couldnt figure out how i did it, but i did do it :-\ and this is the BG by its self .. like i said, took like an hour to come up with and yea, i did make it -edit- hmm, maybe its just not good........... ill try to add some more goodys to it, hopefully the outcome...
  12. Ultimate Vegeta


    hmmm...i wonder...has anyone in here ever played DBZ Budokai? well if so have you ever hit someone like from 1 map to another or into a crator? well i think esf should do that, like make crators when ppl get meleed to the ground or a kame or spirit or some other attacks, should make crators, the...
  13. Cheeseman

    Hmmm i knew i was missin somethin

    Im back. and so it begins............................................ :]
  14. B

    2nd sig

    becouse nobody liked my first sig, I made another one. Does anyone like it?
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    How many of you bought your art programs?

    Hehe :p
  16. Z

    the mod is lifted

    hy we have been working on the mod non stop (atleast i am we have about 8-10 poeple now news update : we have added 2 mappers dragongod is out of the mod he lost interst in the mod we are stil looking for a coder we got a realy ood modler in the team insted of dragongod i learnd how...
  17. Bangoth

    ......hmmm an idea

    over these months i heard all kinds of suggestions,model replacements and request so i had an idea why not make a hl mod where its like dbz only not make it where you can select your moves,customize your character and your hud also import your own models so i guess you can call it the fans mod...
  18. A

    Vegeta gt + ssj4 Released

    Here is the ssj4 pack
  19. P

    hmmm something seirously wrong

    i was playin on a lan with my bro i was vegeta and he was goku, i had 33 kills on him and he had 11, yet i had a max powerlvl of 7mill nad he was at 10 what is with that?
  20. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Q3 model

    ok i know this isnt, dbz but dont flame me for it, ill get back to working on dbz after i finish this. Just wondered what you thought of it, C&C welcome :) and another (ps its just over 1900 polys)